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5 Reasons Short Viral Videos are a Must for Your Brand

Viral videos have many advantages that go beyond the typical increase in sales or spending patterns that come from a video that is produced for your brand. If you’ve ever seen a viral video, you know the potential that short viral videos have to spread far and wide dispensing your brand to viewers and audiences worldwide. But reach isn’t the only reason to produce short viral videos for your brand. There are many other reasons. 

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At Beverly Boy Productions, short viral videos are something we get asked about a lot. While there’s no surefire way to guarantee a video will go viral, we know what it takes to produce this type of content and the benefits that can come from a viral video being attached to your brand. Give us a call to learn more.

 #1. Entertainment

The biggest potential reason that short viral videos are important to brands is the entertainment value. Viral videos are seen as entertaining and interesting, that’s why they go viral. People love them. They share them. They comment on them. They watch them over and over again with their friends.

All of this entertainment is great, but what does it do for your brand? It makes your audience connect your brand with the excitement and feelings that they have about the video content. This is why short viral videos are a must for your brand!

#2. Affordable Content

You may not realize but most short viral videos are actually affordable. In fact, some of the most viral videos that get shared farthest and widest around the world are the simplest and least costly to create.

For example, many viral videos are the result of a one-off funny interaction at work or at home between family, coworkers or friends. They are often unplanned and unrehearsed. That means, they’re also often free or close to free to create.

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#3. Sharable Content

All brands are looking for content that can be shared with people and that people WANT to share. Short viral videos are some of the most widely shared forms of content there is. In fact, people absolutely love to share short videos that go viral.

They share with their friends, their friends share, and before you know it the video has been seen millions of times and your brand is front and center!

#4. Powerful Branding

Sometimes the most powerful branding is that which is most simplistic in nature. A short viral video that is shared millions of times has the power to produce a strong connection with your brand and the audience that sees the video.

Viral videos often connect more closely with consumers and other audience members simply because they are not heavily branded or planned out — they are real.

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#5. Audience Specific

Short viral videos almost always appeal to a specific audience. Whether it’s an audience that is directly connected with your brand or not, once the video goes viral it’s almost guaranteed that a particular audience is going to be connected.

Most of the time, viral videos connect with the audience that is most directly influenced by your brand so you have a double win. Want help producing short viral videos for your brand? Give Beverly Boy Productions a call today!