Drop In Camera Kits Bring Film Production to Your Living Room

Drop In Camera Kits Bring Film Production to Your Living Room

Filming professional quality video has generally required extensive film crews and cart loads full of gear to get the job done. That meant, if you legitimately wanted to produce from your living room, you’d have to have a pretty big living room to work with! While most people don’t actually aspire to create films from the couch, the mere idea of being able to produce professional quality films without requiring a large film crew and hefty cart-loads full of expensive gear into the mix is pretty cool, you have to admit it. Drop in camera kits make film production possible in smaller spaces despite social distancing standards & well, just plain a lack of space.

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In theory, even if you wanted to produce a high quality film right from you couch — you could! In fact, you can even broadcast from your living room — without all the high tech gear flooding your space, or a film crew negating all the things we’ve learned and heard from the CDC about social distancing over the past 6 months.

What is a Drop In Camera Kit?

Drop in camera kits are a new, contactless video production equipment experience that allows people just like you to start filming high quality A-roll without the need for a large crew or lots of equipment being brought into the mix. While each drop in kit is different and we can customize a kit that’s unique to your individual needs, most of our drop in camera kits include a movable cart for ease of transportation, a high quality video camera, all appropriate lighting and audio equipment, and a laptop for contactless operation from a remote location. 

Drop in camera kits allow you to create immersive experiences from your living room. In fact, these groundbreaking video production kits are available to consumers and businesses that are looking to product top quality footage without risking failed social distancing standards or otherwise jeopardizing safety guidelines that have been widely represented by the CDC.

Virtual Filming Package

Film From Your Living Room, Or Anywhere Really

With drop in camera ktis, film production for your business can continue despite limitations on visitors or requirements to adhere to social distancing guidelines. Companies large and small are finding our contactless, drop in camera kits ideal for them to create quality content without extensive physical interaction between crew members and your staff. 

While our drop in camera kits are contactless, filming from your living room or anywhere in your home or office may still seem like something beyond your expertise — and we get that! We also offer various client-side staff add ons to assist you in creating the right size of drop kit equipment, and crew, to ensure your production is a success. Give Beverly Boy Productions a call today to learn more about drop in camera kits, add ons, and the various forms of equipment and tech crew that you can hire to ensure remote, contactless, video production is a success in your home or office.

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