6 Skillshare Tutorial Video Production Tips

6 Skillshare Tutorial Video Production Tips

Skillshare courses attract individuals seeking to learn a variety of concepts and skills from all over the world. If you’re a Skillshare practitioner that provides educational tutorials through the platform, you probably already recognize the importance of high quality video content. Creating tutorials for your Skillshare courses is an important element to keeping your students engaged and satisfied. These Skillshare tutorial video production tips will help you get started on the right track.

1. Study Your Audience Carefully

Knowing your audience and what drives them is critical.  Take your time before you even begin production to make sure that you have studied your audience and that you’re hyper-aware of their intentions and the driving force behind their learning styles.

Making sure that you’ve got a firm understanding of your audience will guide many of the key decisions that must be made in regards to the production of your tutorial video.

2. Perfect Your Script Before Moving Forward

Your script is the foundation of the lesson that you’ll share in your Skillshare tutorial video. Production shouldn’t begin until the script has been perfected or at least revised until you’re most comfortable with it.

In writing the script, make sure that you’re planning visualizations that will help to deliver the tutorial to your students. 

3. Use Storytelling to Set Examples 

storyboard pictures

People remember the stories more than they are able to recall mere facts thrown together, so anytime you can incorporate the use of storytelling into your tutorial videos, you’re doing your students justice.

It’s also important to focus on showing your audience what you wish for them to learn versus telling them. Using visual aids to deliver the story will help!.

4. Use Graphics to Deliver Key Concepts

Incorporating graphics into your Skillshare tutorials can help your students to hone in on key concepts. The use of text overlays and similar graphics to support key concepts can provide the balance between text, visual aid, and auditory delivery of the information that is required for maximum retention by your students.

5. Use Multiple Camera Angles When Recording

When speaking in front of the camera, multiple camera angles can be used to improve audience engagement. Rather than showing a single visual representation of your key speaker which can quickly cause your audience to lose interest, aim for two or more camera angles that will allow for varied views and maximized audience interest.

6. Consider Hiring a Professional Video Production Crew

BBP Production Crew

Professional video production crews like Beverly Boy Productions can help you achieve success with your Skillshare tutorial video production.

Professionals know all about the lighting and special equipment that is required to make your tutorials the highest quality and will bring the appropriate support to ensure success for your production. Give us a call at 888-462-7808 to learn more!

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