5 Reasons Your Video Project Failed & How to Make Sure it Never Happens Again

It may be tough initially to even get others on board with the idea of producing video content for your business. Once you finally get the green light, you need to make sure the content that you produce is successful. If you’ve recently produced a video that did not achieve the success you intended, consider these top 5 reasons your video project failed and how to make sure it never happens again.

1. Your Key Message Is Unclear

Did you define the key message for your video in a way that was clearly and concisely delivered to your audience? If you did not deliver a clear message, your video will fail. This is one of the very first steps when planning video content, but unfortunately, many businesses skip the planning and produce content that is not up to par.

To avoid creating a video that does not deliver the key message in a clear way, consider the following:

● Don’t focus on you. Focus on your viewer.
● Don’t be overly general with your message. Pick your audience and a detailed key message to focus on.
● Be specific. Now is not the time to try to save money. Create a video that is very specific.

2. You Skipped Planning

As previously mentioned, many businesses that are new to video production skip the planning that is necessary for a successful video. Do not skip the planning! Do not jump right to creative!

Just because someone has a cool idea or another company produced a video that was really neat does not mean that you can jump right in and do the same–not without planning.

To avoid planning pitfalls, consider:

● Clearly defining the objective of your video before you think of anything relative to the creative ideas.
● Do not produce graphics or storyboards or anything of that nature until you have defined the goals, objectives and target audience for your video.

3. You Did Not Have a Clearly Defined Production Process

Another reason that many marketing videos fail is because the businesses producing them do not have a clearly defined production process that outlines the steps they will take to reach their goals.

If you’re not sure about the processes that you should undergo for proper video production, call Team Beverly Boy for assistance! We’ll help you define the process for a successful video and guide the way to a great project.

As you plan your production processes, remember that pre-production is the most important element of a successful video campaign.

To ensure you are taking the necessary steps for success, consider the following:

● Create a storyboard that outlines key creatives.
● Create a shot list to ensure you get every shot necessary and that you do so efficiently to save on production costs.
● Include the storyboard and script with the production company to ensure that they understand the processes you have already undergone and the key message that your business intends to deliver.

4. You Lack Budget for Successful Video Content

Video content isn’t cheap, but cheap videos! If you go into a video project with the expectation that you will only spend a few hundred or even a thousand dollars, you will likely be disappointed AND you will be stuck with a video that does not succeed. You cannot produce a video with a zero budget!

To prevent budget problems, consider:

● Budget plays a key role in quality. Do not expect high quality on a terribly low budget.
● If you can’t really afford to produce video content, wait until you can.
● Communicate your budget with the company that you work with for video production services upfront.

5. You Have No CTA

Videos go viral all the time and yet many of them do not benefit from the millions of visitors that the viral status achieves. Why? Because they lack a call to action. A video with no call to action will not produce any relative results for your business. You simply cannot succeed if you do not tell your viewers or show them what you expect them to do.

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