5 Reasons Website Video Production is a Powerful Marketing Medium

5 Reasons Website Video Production is a Powerful Marketing Medium

If you’re considering the use of video on your website, but struggling to digest the idea of spending more budget on video content, you’re not alone. Many brands realize that video is important and should be a part of their marketing element, but they have trouble justifying the cost. This is especially true when brands are already on a very tight budget and have not yes utilized video for their content marketing.  

If you’re not sure whether website video production is worth the cost to your business, checkout these 5 reasons website video production is a powerful marketing medium that is ideal for your brand.

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1 Video Boosts SEO

First and foremost, if you want to know what makes website video production a powerful marketing medium, you need to look beyond the video itself. In fact, you may have to see a video that actually causes the consumer to interact in the intended manner. Once you see how it all works, you’ll believe that website video production is a powerful marketing medium

2  Video Builds Consumer Trust

Website video production can be used to produce customer testimonials which represent a great way for consumer to gain trust in a brand. Sharing customer testimonial videos to your website will allow other consumers to see your  brand and the consumer satisfaction so that they can develop their own sense of trust in your brand. 

Strong trust equates to strong consumer interaction and usually leads to higher sales. Website video production that focuses on building trust with your consumer can be powerfully effective for you business. Try it out!

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3  Video Reduces Bounce Rate

Web Pages that include a video have a lower bounce rate than those that don’t. Adding video content to your web pages will reduce the frequency of users leaving your page right after they land on it. This reduction in, ‘bounce rate,’ increases the overall value of your site. 

Google ranks a site higher when the bounce rate is low. The premise is that a site with a low bounce rate delivers to the consumer the content they are looking for. When bounce rate goes up, rankings tend to go down.

4  Video Increases Time on Site

Website video production can be used to increase the amount of time a consumer spends on your site and more time on site is likely to lead to higher conversions. Few things can increase the amount of time a consumer spends on a website easier than a video can.

Video increases time on site 2:1. Why? Because consumers will watch videos. They will stick around to see what you have to say. LIkewise, they rarely read what is said in an opening video. If you’re looking for ways to increase your site value, start with a video!

5  Video Builds Backlinks

Finally, website video production can influence the actions that people take off your site and that can influence that way Google treats your site. Sounds silly right? The reality is, when you include a great video on your site, there is a good chance that people who have other websites will share the content. They will often include a link that they grab from your site to share on their own This method of sharing is called backlinking and it’s a great way to boost value of your site.

Great website video production leads to naturally occurring backlinks as a result of consumers linking back to your video because they want to share it with others. Links cause your website to rank higher. More consumers see it. More sales continue to trickle in, often as a result of the video.

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