Increase Conversions with Testimonial Videos

8 Ways to Increase Conversions with Testimonial Videos

Testimonial videos can be used in various ways to increase conversions for your business. However, not all customer testimonial videos are created equally. We’re showing you 8 ways to increase conversions with testimonial videos that actually work for you. Follow along and get the most out of your customer testimonial video production and feel free to check out how we can help you directly.

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  1. Identify the Audience

The most important element of a customer testimonial video that will convert is to know your audience. Who are you sharing the customer testimonial with? It won’t do much good to share a testimonial from someone that is in no way relative to your target audience. Identify you top candidates, how they relate to the customers you are trying to reach, and how their story can impact others. Use that to your advantage to convert viewers.

  1. Help Viewers Feel Connected

If your customer testimonial video does not connect with the viewer, it will not convert. To connect with viewers, consider producing video content that provides details on an emotional struggle that relates to the audience and offers information on how your product or service helped solve the problem. Customer testimonials that others can relate to convert much higher than those that are irrelative.

  1. Get Personal

Customer testimonials should be downright personal. We want the audience to feel like they are watching a customer just like themselves speak highly of your product or service. Allow the customer testimonial to be personal and to discuss the deeply emotional benefits of your product or service.

  1. Solve the Problem

Your customer testimonial video must prove to the audience that your product or service is the best possible solution to the pain or struggle they are going through. Narrow down the problem and use the testimonial to explain how the problem is solved with your brand.

  1. Be Realistic

Customer testimonials should never sound rehearsed or scripted. This does not mean that you cannot have a script, but your customer should be the one that helps to define the content. Let the customer address real pain points and the true feelings they have about your brand. It will appear more realistic in the interview and will convert more viewers.
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  1. Don’t Force the Issue

If you thought a particular voice was the ideal candidate for your customer testimonial video but you’re later realizing that they just are not doing their best, move on. Don’t force the issue. Instead, find another potential customer to help with the testimonial to get the most value and to ensure a video that converts well. Forcing it will feel uneasy and your viewers will sense the struggle.

  1. Include Statistics

Does your customer have quantifiable data to support his or her decision to use your brand? If you can include statistics in the customer testimonial video, do it! Any time there is statistical data to support your point it can be used to help people understand and feel more compelled to get on board.

  1. Support with Visuals & Audio

As you finalize your customer testimonial video don’t forget to use graphics, music and special effects to your advantage. If you’re willing to put time and money into the testimonial video, your viewers will recognize the work that you put in and have more trust for your brand.

Follow these tips for increasing conversions with testimonial videos. For help creating testimonial video content for your business, call Beverly Boy Productions today!

Here’s a testimonial video produced by Beverly Boy Productions:

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