5 Reasons 90 Second Explainer Videos Help You Pitch Services 

Just in the nic of time…you had just a minute to get the point across and you wanted to pitch your service so what did you do? You chose to use 90 second explainer videos to help you pitch your services to the consumer — and you saw a great benefit from it. Why? Because 90 second explainer videos are a marketing trend that works to pitch services to consumers by increasing engagement and capturing consumer attention the way only video can. In fact, we’re so convinced that this works, we’ve outlined the following 5 reasons 90 second explainer videos help you pitch services to a wide audience. 

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1. 90 Seconds is Practical 

If you can’t capture your audience’s attention for 90 seconds, the chance of keeping them engaged or interested enough to make a purchase is slim to none. An explainer video represents a practical way to connect with your consumer audience without wasting your own time or theirs. A short, 90 second video is affordable and represents a sophisticated technological way to connect. You can share your video on social media, your website and in emails making it a very practical marketing medium. 

2. Video Shares Your Personality 

With a 90 second explainer video you can share your personality with your audience without going too deeply. Video allows you to share your brand personality through tone and script. You can include visual styles that connect with the personality of your band too. The voice of your brand can be delivered or represented through your narrator. 

3. Videos Adapt to the Viewer 

A 90 second explainer video can be adapted to meet the viewer’s needs in various ways. For example, if they only want to see the highlights, you could edit to include only the key points. Likewise, if they only have 30 seconds to watch, the video can be speeded up to engage in the full 90 seconds in 1⁄3 the time. Share a few seconds of video on social media to capture audience attention. Share a few more seconds in email. Consider showing the entire video on your website. The viewer will adapt his or her engagement desire to the video and watch what they want to see most. 

4. Video Content Works with Old & New Customers 

90 second explainer videos represent content that you can share almost anywhere online and with just about anyone. If you’re trying to reach old customers, video is a great tool. If you’re trying to reach new customers, video is also a great tool. The great thing about explainer videos is that they can be used to 

establish old and new customer connections. Consider an explainer video to deliver product information and keep your audience connected and engaged. It’s must easier to connect with than standard written content. 

5. Videos Are A Creative Outlet 

Pitch your services in a way that allows the consumer to see how creative you are. Videos allow you to get as creative as you wish. And, if you hire a professional video production crew like Team Beverly Boy to help you produce 90 second explainer videos for your services you can include all sorts of innovative graphics and detailed animations that will engage your audience in style. Let creativity keep your audience alert and attentive while you deliver your services pitch — and win the consumer over!

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