Top McAllen Video Production Insights 2018 – Keep Your Eye On These Trends


In 2018, there are some amazing trends hitting the market and you will want to utilize some of them to help your company tell its story to your viewers. Only about 61 percent of companies used videos in their marketing strategies last year, but this year that number has risen to over 80 percent, which means that having a Top McAllen video production company create a powerful video campaign for you is going to be key to keeping you at the top of the market. When choosing the McAllen video production agency you want to work with, make sure they know about the following trends and are able to include them in your next project.


Tailoring Video Production To Your Consumer


Companies who engage their consumers directly via film, social media, websites, and apps have a stronger following. A full service McAllen video production company can create incredible video content that you can link to your company’s website or a specific app that is made for your company, and your customers will input their personal info onto the site or into the app. Then, the video is tailored to your consumer using the information they submitted so that the video production feels as if it were made for them. If you think that this trend is something your brand can utilize, be sure to hire a video producer that is familiar with website video production. We serve the entire South Texas area, including Mission, Faysville, Alamo, and Palmview.


Using a Video Production Studio To Build a Storyline For Your Brand


In past campaigns, McAllen video marketing companies have put all the information consumers wanted or needed about a brand into one film. In 2018, the new trend is to build a storyline through shorter films that are then shared on different platforms at once. Regardless if you have a small business in Hidalgo County, or an advertising agency on South 10th Street in De Palmas Historic District, choosing a production company that has experience in digital marketing in South Texas is important because they will know how to share these films with your audience across the many platforms that it will take to reach them. Working with a video production studio who is able to create short films is the smartest move, because you will want more than a video company to make these short films flow perfectly. You need a full service video production studio that can help you make the process easier and create continuity within the videos as they tell an intriguing story.


Choose Hybrid Video Production Services in McAllen


Choosing hybrid video production services allows you to engage, inform, and entertain your consumers, at once. Hybrid video production means combining a live stream and video, and a Top McAllen video production company that knows live streaming and film is going to be the best in assisting you with bringing this trend to your next campaign. An ace production house should be able to insert an action chyron or lower third within a live stream without taking away from the live event, or set up webcast streaming that has a lower third graphic of a logo without being distracting to the live event.


Working With Film Production Companies That Do Micro-Films


Micro-films, which run less than 30 seconds, can have a big impact on a campaign, and simplifying things in such a busy world is always a nice change. When choosing a McAllen Film Production Company to help you with this trend, choose one that does short films, of course, but you should also select film production companies in McAllen that know how to operate social media sites, because social media is where these films are most often seen. These films being posted to social media also makes it easy for your consumers to share them, doing some of the marketing work for you, so when you work with a creative agency that understands the big impact that microfilms can have, they can produce the best video marketing campaign for your company in 2018.


Working With A McAllen Production Company That Knows Live Streaming


For 2018, the live video is taking over corporate films and setting those who use it apart from the rest. Of course, doing a live video from a phone may not seem professional, but if you choose to partake in this trend, working with a McAllen production company that knows live streaming will get you the results you want. If you choose to work with a production company, they will help you set up a live stream as you work with a member on your staff to speak to your audience by telling them intriguing stories or info they need to know. Consumers like live videos from corporations because it gives them a glimpse of what is going on with their favorite companies, and it makes you seem approachable. Using a Top McAllen video production company that is close to you will be handy, because you will want to do this trend often for maximum effect, they will be available when you need them.


Working With A McAllen Video Production Agency That Knows Blogs


When you think about a McAllen video production agency, do you think of blogging? Today, the top production companies in McAllen are tackling blogs, or rather videos for blogs, because companies who have blogs have more people who view their websites, and they have a larger following because consumers are able to get to know more than just your product or service through blogs. When you work with a talented video production agency to introduce films to your corporate blog, they will help you place short videos within that blog, which allows it to be informational and entertaining for your viewers and readers.


Time To Select the Top McAllen Video Production Company

When it’s time to pick the Top McAllen video production company that will help you understand the latest trends in film to create a compelling film campaign that viewers want, it will take more effort than just searching for “production companies near me” and selecting the first one that pops up. You want to pick a company that knows how to make corporate videos and the hottest trends out there. Beverly Boy Productions knows both, so we can offer you advanced services for your next production.


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