How to Make a Product Video in 5 Easy Steps

As stores shift from a time when product demos once widely took place in-person to more of a “shop online, see online” sort of thing, more and more brands are asking, how to make a product video that will allow consumers to better understand their offering without visiting the store. A lot goes into making a product video and for most amateur videographers, the amount of graphic input and editing required is beyond their skill level. 

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You might be thinking, “But a product video is just a representation of my product, right?” or “How hard could it really be?” These are the kinds of thought patterns we hear a lot at first and then consumers call us asking for professional help once they find that making a product video is much more complex than they had previously realized. If you’re considering a product video but you’re not exactly sure where to begin, send Beverly Boy Productions a message–that’s a great starting point!

1. Set Goals


Before you produce a product video you need to set your goals in line. Just as you would create goals and objectives for any other form of content that you create, it’s important to establish clearly-defined goals for your product video. What do you wish to achieve with the video? 

  • More sales? 
  • Greater product knowledge? 
  • Fewer phone calls to support? 
  • Stronger understanding of features?

All of these are great potential goals for your product video.

2. Define Target Audience

As you move to step two of the process in how to make a product video, consider the target audience that you intend to reach with your content. Who are they? How old are they? What do they like? Where do they hang out? How can you connect with this audience?

target audiance

Not Sure?

If you’re not sure who you’re targeting, it’s time to take a step back and talk with your team or with your customers to clearly define a persona-in marketing, a persona is a clear representation of the individual that we are targeting our content to.

3. Produce the Script and Storyboard

The script should be written by a professional. Why? Because great product videos show more than they tell! As the script is produced, careful consideration should be taken as to each word, phrase, and sentence that comes together to tell the story.

Be Prepared

Even after you’ve got your script in place, the storyboard will provide an additional layer of expertise and editing for you to work through. The goal here is to prepare a storyline that will work and to kind of work through all of your ideas on paper prior to getting on set where each change will take a lot of time, and money!

4. Production 

Everyone knows that production is a big part of how to make a product video! During production the shots are captured and any potential voiceover or narration will also be produced. All of this will come together in the end when the editors create your final cut.


Most product videos can be shot in just a couple of hours at most and take place in a studio unless you offer a product that is focused heavily on the outdoors. It really all depends on what you’re selling.

show and tell with video

Making Magic

During production, the cast and crew will come together to work their magic in making you the best product video possible. They’ll use professional-quality equipment and their unique experience to produce content that will capture the interest and excitement of your audience.

5. Post-Production

Once your product video footage is captured it will be sent to the editing team for post-production steps which will include the addition of any special effects and graphics. Prepare for a little bit of patience at this stage because it will take some time for the team to finalize your product video. If you’re new to this, and you really don’t know how to make a product video, consider several days for post-production to take place.


Additional Requests

In the end, your product video will be delivered to you in the chosen format (likely MP4) and you’ll have an opportunity to request edits or changes based on your agreed upon contract. As you request such changes, you should always be thinking about your client and how the video will connect with them.

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