How to Make a Good Product Video

How to Make a Good Product Video

Whether you’re operating an eCommerce store that sells products solely online, or your business provides a mix of online and brick and mortar sales, product videos can be used to increase consumer interest in your offering and generate more conversions for your brand. Learning how to make a good product video is something that professionals spend a lot of time and effort on to ensure they get the texture, color, and lighting balance just right while telling the story of your product in a way that the intended audience will appreciate and engage with.

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1. Show, Don’t Tell

A great product video will show your audience what the product can do and how it can help them. Rather than telling the audience about the product, show them!

Pay careful attention to showing the product from all angles, up close and at a distance, so that texture, color and features can be viewed with ease. The goal is to help customers see the potential in your product and to get the details they need to make a purchase decision.

2. Share the Product Story

Learning how to make a good product video is about more than just filming the product from all angles and calling it a day – anyone could do that! Products that are backed by a story that customers can relate to are more likely to sell.

When creating your product video, the script should include the history and background of the product. What’s the story behind the product? Why was it created? Chances are it was created to solve a problem that your audience will also be looking to solve — the story can build the connection.

3. Use Branding to Build Consumer Interest

Branding your product videos will help to boost consumer interest and connections, especially if you already have an audience base that recognizes your brand.

Consider incorporating your branding into the product video through colors, the style and tone of the video, and the story that is shared. Tying your mission could further help you to resonate with your audience and boost sales for your brand.

4. Focus on Your Target Audience

Knowing your target audience is important when you focus on how to make a good product video. A video that is created without the audience in mind just won’t work out as well.

You need to know who you’re talking to, what their struggles are, why they might be considering your product and how can you share a story that they will relate to. Demographics, geographies, and other pertinent details are important when creating product videos for your brand.

5. Avoid Overselling or Scaring Your Audience

Never oversell or attempt to scare your audience when you’re creating a product video. This is about delivering a story that your audience will relate to and that they can resonate with.

Scare tactics are never good when marketing your products or services, so avoid them at all costs! Instead, focus on the benefits that your product will provide for the end consumer and how purchasing your product will make their lives better, easier, or more enjoyable — don’t scare them!

6. Always Include an Actionable CTA

Finally, learning how to make a good product video that includes an actionable CTA is vital! Product video production that includes a highly targeted and focused CTA that will connect with your audience can increase conversions and sales for your business.

The call-to-action should relate to the content of the video, and interest the consumer. Whether it’s a call button, purchase page, or something entirely different  – this is your chance to make it count!

It takes a professional years to perfect the product video. At Beverly Boy Productions, we know how to make a good product video that will attract visitors and convert customers for your brand. Give us a call at 888-462-7808 to get started!

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