5 Little Known Facts that Guarantee The Value in Custom Training Videos

5 Little Known Facts that Guarantee The Value in Custom Training Videos 

Custom training videos are something many businesses and brands have already seen the value in, but for those who are unsure the decision to host training on video rather than in person is likely going to need some persuasion. It’s understandable, many brands require insight and facts in order to hop on board with technological innovations like this. In fact, if you’re on the fence and unsure whether custom training videos could actually be helpful for your brand or not, consider the following little known facts that guarantee the value in custom training videos for your brand. 

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1. Video Increases Retention by 90% 

Did you know that most of your employees will forget what you teach them 6 months later? It’s true, employees tend to forget training material over time. In fact, over 6 months, people can forget as much as 90% of what you teach. However, video increases training material retention — and it does so substantially. 

Visually stimulating, engaging video content that includes visuals, audio, and the ability to read content that is most important can be extremely effective for training. Custom training videos that deliver video, text & audio have substantially higher retention rates nearly 90% greater than written content alone. 

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2.Video Reduces Employee Training Costs 

Custom training videos can be used to help new employees onboard, learn new skills, or transition into other departments. Video training is much more affordable than in-person training sessions. In fact, video reduces total employee training costs by as much as 90% or more depending on your current initiatives and your underlying goals. Reusing custom training videos can have a long-term impact on your bottom line.

3. Video Delivers Training on Demand 

Scheduling conflicts are one of the biggest concerns with new hires. In fact, retail stores will often only hire on a certain day or a particular time of the month because they realize that the scheduling conflict that will otherwise ensue as they attempt to get a new employee in for training will be a nightmare. However, custom training videos allow you to deliver customized training for new employees on-demand. Gone are the days where you must plan your training initiatives around a busy schedule — let employees train on their time, on-demand and hire whenever you need to! 

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4. Video Delivers Consistent Training 

Custom training videos provide consistent training and understanding of materials. When larger organizations look to multiple members of management to train employees there is an internal risk that each manager will train slightly differently and the lack of consistency could cause ongoing struggles. However, custom training videos allow you to train your employees consistently, every time. This can reduce confusion and improve the delivery of critical information to employees. 

5. Video Training is Internal & External 

Want to reach a greater audience with your training? Consider custom training videos for maximum value and punch! In fact, the use of video training allows you to deliver internal and external sessions to a variety of audience members. Training takes place virtually and allows all of the audience’s to gain understanding of your corporate initiatives. It’s a win-win for you! 

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