Types of Training Videos Every Business Should Have

Types of Training Videos Every Business Should Have

Training videos come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and formats for businesses. The format that works for you is dependent on the training goals you have for your employees and the industry that your business is in. Some business industries are best suited to professional, presentation-style training videos whereas others can benefit from a more relaxed, animated training. Regardless of style, these are the types of training videos that every business should have.Types of Training Videos Every Business Should Have.

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  • 1. Presentation Videos

Corporate presentations offer a great opportunity to deliver information to employees. Presenter videos involve someone speaking directly to the employee audience and teaching them the content. These are often used in medical training and specialty training in fields where technical data comes into play. The goal of the presenter video is to deliver content that will come across to the audience as being highly credible and personable. 

Presenter videos are engaging and allow for employees to follow along with the information that is delivered without distractions. A presenter style video allows you to deliver training sessions without the work of a technical script and other challenges that would come from various other types of training content. You simply prepare the training material and then record the presenter as he or she delivers the content.

  • 2. Tutorial Videos

The tutorial video is an instructional method that teaches the step-by-step process or walkthrough of a concept. Tutorial videos allow you to deliver in depth training on technical tasks or specific requirements of employees such as day-to-day procedures or expectations. Tutorials can be used to teach just about any process but are best for those with a hard set, step 1, step 2, step 3, logical series of events.

Tutorials communicate the steps visually and audibly for the employee. These are ideal for any process in which an instructional method will work well to deliver the content. Employee training with tutorials allow you to show employees the exact processes that are expected of them while engaging them with valuable content and insights into their roles and expectations in the field.

  • 3. Safety Training Videos

Often delivered via animations, safety training videos are a must for businesses large and small. The amount of information or the number of safety training videos that are delivered to your employees will be largely dictated by their role and the industry. Industries that include hazardous work environments or potentially hazardous situations will generally have more in depth safety training than those in an office setting or similar field. 

Safety training videos deliver a lot of information in a short, engaging time. They use visual cues and detailed animations to bring the training to the employee. Using cartoon animations to deliver safety training allows you to get the message across in a more engaging manner, but in situations where cartoon animations may not be conducive to the audience, safety training may be delivered via role play style or character videos that address the situations at hand.

  • 4. Screencast Videos

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If you run a software company or your business uses various software or computer processes, the best form of training may be delivered via screencast. Screencast training videos are those that show the employee your active screen as it performs the tasks or shares knowledge relative to the program or tool. Screencasts are a quick, informal means of delivering employee training on in depth subjects such as getting started with software or tools relative to the business. The allow for interaction and quick instruction in which the employee can digest basic information about the computer processes or tools that they will use to perform their role. 

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