COVID Safe Video Production in Berlin

COVID Safe Video Production in Berlin, Germany

Germany wasn’t immune to the risks of Coronavirus that spurred throughout the world in 2020. Several guidelines and standards were introduced to ensure COVID safe video production in Berlin, Germany as well as throughout major cities and countries worldwide. Beverly Boy Productions follows Berlin standards for COVID safe video production as well as those initiated by the CDC and other organizations.

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COVID Safe Production Processes

In Berlin, reopening the economy meant more than just occupational safety, it meant the initiation of fail-safe measures that would ensure infection chains would be broken, economic activity could continue safely.

Processes would be initiated from a technical and organizational standpoint to ensure the health of cast, crew, and contractors involved in producing films and videos throughout the country.

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Both temporary and permanent measures to initiate safety on set were initiated. These include:

-Requiring that all employees on set maintain safe distances of at least 1.5 Meters from others on the set.

-When safe social distance cannot be maintained employees should take other means to protect themselves and others including the use of face coverings and other organizational practices.

-Providing canteens, break rooms, and washroom facilities that offer skin-friendly soap and towel dispensers that contribute to proper hand cleaning and hygiene.

-Equipping company vehicles for proper hand hygiene and disinfection products for work safety.

-Limiting the use of shared vehicles by employees.

-Encouraging work from home situations when possible and allowing only essential employees on the film set.

-Individually assigning work equipment and tools to reduce use between multiple employees.

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Video Production Drop Kits

At Beverly Boy Productions, we began delivering video production drop kits worldwide in March 2020 to provide our clients with continued access to video production equipment despite lockdowns of non-essential businesses.

Our video production drop kits are:

-Safe and easy to use.

-Delivered using contactless delivery methods.

-Sterilized in between deliveries to ensure safety of our clients.

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