Using Video to Amplify Your Brand – Here’s How

There are now numerous ways on how you can promote your brand to your target audience and one of these is by leveraging on video-in-print or what is also referred to as video mailers. A video mail is a pleasant surprise that will surely put a smile to the face of your clients and customers. If you are keen on amplifying your brand using video-in-print, then read on below.

1. Plan on the Content

Make sure that you plan the content of your video-in-print properly to ensure that you don’t miss out on any important detail that should be included in your promotional material. You can benchmark on ready made templates but nothing beats unique and personal content. In terms of the format options, your video mail can be horizontal or vertical, and it can even open from the left, right, bottom, or top. Include all these details in your planning. Consider slip pockets for business cards or brochures too. Not only should you plan the content, but you should also lay out certain metrics that will help you assess the effectiveness of your video mail in reaching your target market and getting their attention.

2. Team up with the Experts

After you have rigorously planned on the content of your video mail, the next step is for you to team up with the experts who will be able to turn your plan into the actual video-in-print that you have visualized. The expert video mailers behind believe that a high-quality video mail can only be achieved with the latest technology and quality components. This means that the video mailers that your partner with should have a proven track record of delivering quality video mails at a reasonable price.

3. Maximize the Potential of the Ad

The last and final step is for you to be able to maximize the potential of your ad. Like with any marketing strategy, make sure that your video mail reaches the right audience by carefully sorting through the demographic of your intended recipients. If possible, customize each of your video mails to maximize its relevance to your clients or customers. There is a great chance that you will increase the engagement of your market if your video mail are targeted. Aside from video-in-prints, you can also utilize videos in your website to appeal to your audience. Use videos in your home page, about page, or team page to make it easier for your clients and customers to get to know you and your brand better.

Be meticulous in planning on the content of your video mail. You can get ideas from ready-made templates, but as much as possible, come up with an idea that is unique to your brand to set you apart from your competitors. Next is to partner with reputable video mailers who have a proven record that they are able to deliver. This will guarantee that your plan will successfully be implemented, and the output may even exceed your expectation. Finally, maximize the potential of your ad to be able to amplify your brand.

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