8 Types of Product Videos Every Marketer Should Be Aware Of 

Product videos are used to tell your brand story to the consumer in a way that makes them want to be a part of what you have to share. There are so many different uses for product videos and so many different types of marketing content that you have to consider these days, how do you choose the essential content to feed your audience?

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Follow along as we outline the most essential types of product video content that every marketer should not only be aware of, but should be using in their marketing mix. 

The Product Brand Video

This is the video that not only discusses the product, but the background of the brand that produces the product. Product brand videos help the consumer to connect with the brand and understand why or how they resonate with the brand itself.

These types of videos leave the consumer thinking, “This is why people like me need this product,” or “this is why people like me use this brand.” Product brand videos connect your brand with the product so that the consumer recognizes and recalls both at their time of need.

Case Study Video 

The case study video connects your product with real world scenarios that your customers can relate with. The case study video showcases the ways that your product solves a problem for a consumer that is similar to that of your target audience.

This way, when a prospective customer sees your product they resonate with it and recall the case study which helps them to connect the fact that their current problem warrants the need for your product as it worked to solve a similar problem in the case study.

Product Testimonial Video

More likely referred to as the testimonial video or the customer testimonial video, this is the type of content that shows your audience why they can trust your product or brand–because past customers already have used the product and had success or happiness as a result.

The testimonial video is social proof that what you say in your product demonstrations and case studies and product overviews is true.

Product Overview Video 

The product overview video provides the consumer with an explanation of what the product is and what it does.

This video essentially unpacks all of the important details and features of the product for the customer to learn about the product and make an informed decision as to whether it’s the right product for their needs.

Product History Video

Also referred to as the “Why this product exists,” video, this content will share with the consumer a detailed history of the product and why it’s here today.

Did you create this product because you had a personal need for it? Was it created to solve a problem that a lot of consumers have which you had too?

This content is your way of engaging with the consumer, showing them that you created the product FOR them, and connecting emotionally in a way that motivates customers to accept that your product was created for the customer.

Product Demonstration Video 

How does the product work? That’s what consumers that have made it past the initial research phase of wondering IF the product works are asking. They want to know that since, clearly, it DOES work, then HOW?

The product demonstration video will show the customer how your product works to solve their problem. These videos can highlight the actual uses for a product as well as any unexpected uses or hidden benefits that solve problems the customer may not have thought of otherwise.

Product Features Video 

The features video will help the consumer to understand the hidden elements of the product that make it useful. Product features videos may include details on special elements relative to the product or information that your customer is likely to most appreciate as they relate to the product.

It’s more than just the specifications of the product, this video should show the customer intricate details on design and the work that goes into the product itself.

Product Benefits Video

The product benefits video shows the consumer why they should choose your product over someone else’s product. Does your product solve a problem that the competition hasn’t even thought of yet? Share it in the product benefits video!

Does your product impact the life of the consumer in some profound manner? Share it in the product benefits video! This is the time to share with the audience what it is that makes your product worth the money, time and attention that you seek from the buyer. Make it count!

Want to create any of the above types of product videos for your business? Give Beverly Boy Productions a call today! We can’t wait to put our two decades of experience to work for you, delivering powerful product videos that will grip the attention of your audience. 

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