6 SEO Marketing Video Tactics for Improved Rankings

6 SEO Marketing Video Tactics for Improved Rankings

There’s little, if any, question as to the importance of video content for brands that are attempting to reach consumers, especially online. Videos are a serious component of powerful internet marketing campaigns and they’re equally important in search engine optimization, but do they actually contribute to improved rankings? Absolutely! In fact, if you want to improve your SERP rankings, you should check out these SEO marketing video tactics!

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1. Tailor Video Content to People First, Search Engines Second

You may have heard that you need to produce videos or content for the web based on the way the search engines expect it, but the reality is — you should create for people first, search engines second.

If you always tailor your video content to reach and deliver to humans first and search engines second, you’ll always have a video that has a powerful chance of succeeding online. 

As you create your video, and write the description and title that go along with it, think about the keywords that people would use to search for your video and incorporate them into your title, description, and hashtags.

Optimizing your video with appropriate keywords from the beginning will improve your ability to rank for keywords relative to the video.

2. Create a Video Transcript

Avoid allowing an auto-translation of the content if you can. Your best video transcript that is most appropriately poised for proper SEO video marketing is going to be handwritten and fully optimized.

Many of the keywords that you are accustomed to using when producing written content are going to be used in the written and fully search engine optimized video transcript

3. Incorporate Video Campaigns in Standard SEO Campaigns

If you really want to improve your rankings, you’re going to need to put all the feelers out and grab market share where and when you can get it.

Incorporating video campaigns into your everyday SEO campaigns can help you to accomplish this. Consider the use of video that has been properly optimized in each of your individual marketing campaigns.

Add videos to landing pages for improved conversions. Include videos on your product pages for improved rankings. And incorporate videos into your email campaigns for higher click through rates.

4. Follow SEO Marketing Video Basics

What are the SEO basics when it comes to video marketing? Essentially you need to do the following to ensure that your video has been properly optimized and set up for success online:

  • Include multiple tags that are both optimized for search engines and for the user.
  • Publish videos consistently, as you would blog posts or other forms of content such as social media posts. 
  • Integrate the most relevant keywords and LSI keywords into your title, description, tags, and various other individual areas in which keywords or content can be included when sharing or posting your video.

Keep in mind that each site or channel that you share your video on will have its own various parameters that are to be filled out in order for your video to be published or shared — fill as much information as you can while taking maximum advantage of each opportunity to include a keyword, phrase, or similar term.

5. Include a Thumbnail that is Optimized

Every SEO marketing video must include a fully optimized SEO thumbnail. The inclusion of an optimized thumbnail that consumers can connect with can help them to feel more compelled to purchase from your brand.

Including optimized videos that have SEO optimized thumbnail images can help your brand to rank higher on YouTube as well as on other social channels.

Never allow an auto-selected thumbnail image to take center stage. Improving your rankings with a thumbnails requires you to select a frame that properly captures the scene of your still image and includes a character or human from the video in the frame.

DO NOT use a thumbnail that does not have a human element. People connect with people and if you really want to rank, you need to please people first — the search engines will fall into play!

6. Produce Videos for Mobile First

Want to improve your rankings? You need to produce videos for mobile first, rankings second. The best way that you can achieve success online is to always be thinking about the end user.

And, since most users are on mobile devices, you need to think about mobile with every SEO marketing video tactic that you use.

Producing videos that are mobile-friendly, and taking steps to fully-optimize each video for mobile view is essential since more than 96% of Facebook users visit the platform from a mobile device. 

Think about all of the steps that you can take to ensure a smooth, comfortable, and even welcomed user experience when watching your videos online — if you’re accommodating mobile users, you’re already doing a great job at optimizing your content for improved rankings!

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