2023 Guide to Video Marketing for B2C Brands

Video marketing has grown exponentially among brands large and small in the last twelve months or so.  If you’re not convinced that video is here to stay, or that’s it’s incredibly important to your 2023 marketing success, consider the fact that 99% of those who are already using video marketing state they will continue to use video marketing in the coming year! For B2C brands, this 2023 guide to video marketing addresses some of the most important considerations that you need to be making as 2022 comes to a close.

Because, if 2022 taught us anything at all, it’s that video content is king!  Just checkout these top video marketing statistics going into the New Year:

  • In a recent survey more than 76% of marketing teams surveyed had invested in video marketing over the previous twelve months. 
  • 86% of all businesses use video as a marketing tool as of 2023.
  • 87% of marketers find that video provides a positive ROI.

It’s quite clear the video marketing is vital and for B2C brands, this 2023 guide to video marketing addresses some of the most important considerations for your business to be making as 2022 nears its end. 

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 Why is Video Marketing so Important to B2C Brands?

Before we nose dive into the data surrounding your 2023 marketing initiatives and where you should go from here, let’s take a minute to address the importance of video marketing for B2C brands. If you’re wondering how video marketing can actually serve your business or brand, you’re not alone! Video marketing is important for B2C brands for the following reasons:

  • Video marketing provides a direct to consumer communication channel for brands to utilize in order to associate with their core audiences.
  • Video allows your B2C brand to inform and educate your consumer audience about your business or brand.
  • Brands that utilize video marketing are better equipped to support consumer questions, comments and concerns.
  • Consumers rate video the #1 most useful type of content, especially when shopping online. 

The use of video marketing for your B2C brand is key to an overall successful content marketing campaign. 

2023 Guide to Video Marketing

Producing your 2023 guide to video marketing is all about delivering essential details to help your B2C brand find ways to incorporate more video into your day-to-day marketing campaigns, draw in greater interest and awareness from consumers, and deliver content your audience can count on.  If you’re new to video marketing, 2023 is your year to shine! Embrace the idea of introducing a winning B2C content strategy that includes video! You won’t be disappointed!

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To get started with video in 2023, consider the following:

  • Introduce video tutorials, demo videos, and how-to videos. These are some of the most basic videos to produce and they are some of the most sought after by consumers. They show your audience how to use your products or services, and allow consumers to make comparisons of features or important characteristics relative to your products or services before they make a purchase.
  • Create customer testimonial videos & branded product reviews.  Again, these are relatively simple videos to create but they pack a powerful punch for your B2C marketing campaigns. Consider branded product reviews that help your audience see the value in your products and the ways that they can be used. Incorporate customer testimonial videos into your email campaigns & landing pages in order to build trust and generate stronger conversions.

If you’ve already started with video marketing in 2022 or prior, you can get more creative with your 2023 video marketing. Consider the following:

  • Create behind-the-scenes videos to give consumers a look inside your company. More consumers than ever before are interested in shopping with brands that are transparent with their operations and initiatives. By creating behind-the-scenes videos to show off how your business operates you’re showing consumers that you’ve got nothing to hide and everything to share!
  • Share employee stories, staff interviews, and stakeholder videos. These videos offer consumers insight into who works for the company and why. They can help to show off your B2C brand as the authority and expert that it deserves to be. This is your opportunity to share who founded your brand, why it was founded, and how your staff or employees contribute to your business. Consumers love these kinds of videos because they personalize and humanize your brand.

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Finally, our 2023 guide to video marketing wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t address how brands that are already actively producing video content on a regular basis can get more ideas to further their content marketing efforts.  If your B2C brand has already produced a library full of video content, not only should you keep up the great work, but we recommend also:

  • Seeking customer generated video content that you can use. You will be amazed at the magic that occurs when your business and your customers work together to create content! Ask customers that love your business to help you create videos to share their views! Consumers will love it and your customers will appreciate that you value their opinion.
  • Show off your brand’s personality and let your brand voice shine! If you’re already creating video content, now is the time to focus more on aligning your video content with your brand’s own unique voice and personality. Show off your company culture, share important details that make your business special, and find ways that you can let your brand shine through video! There’s literally tons of opportunity!

No matter what stage you’re in, our 2023 guide to video marketing for B2C brands is bound to help you plan out your next big video campaign and a strategy that will be a success for your brand! Need help creating all that video content? Give Beverly Boy Productions a call!

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