title tips for filming b roll video productions for testimonials

Tips for Filming Customer Testimonial B-Roll

If you’re not accustomed to using b roll video with your customer testimonials, chance are you are missing out on the opportunity to add depth, vibrance, and support to your testimonial videos. Testimonial videos with b roll usually result in a more exciting and engaging video that consumers appreciate. As you plan your customer testimonials, take steps to film customer testimonial b-roll that will guide viewers through the content, keep them engaged, and help them to see the true value in your product or service. Here are some tips for filming customer testimonial b roll videos for your supportive texts.

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Types of B-Roll Video Productions for Testimonials

What types of footage can you include as b-roll in your testimonials? Consider things like supporting footage of the office, manufacturing plant, or area in which your business is held.

Supporting footage that shows potential customers how your product or service is made, how consumers use it, or how it solves consumer problems are all great additions to your customer testimonial interview footage.

Testimonial videos with b-roll also include still images of the products or services discussed in the interview. Consider screen-recordings or even stock footage that supports what the interviewee discusses when interviewed during the testimonial. Any of this content can be used to support what the customer says.

B-Roll Filming Tips

b roll video productions

As you shoot customer testimonial b-roll footage, consider the fact that the interview itself will likely be 10-15 minutes. That interview must be broken down into 1-2 minutes of top quality points from the interview subject. The same is true for much of the b-roll.

While you may film 10 minutes or more of b-roll footage to go alongside your customer testimonial, you need to keep in mind that the majority of the footage that you film will not be used. Don’t be afraid to capture footage that you’re unsure of. There may be a place for it in the end video, but if not–that’s okay too!

B-Roll Completes The Edit

Prepare to make several cuts and to structure b-roll in a way that include multiple angles or camera movements. The idea of b-roll video productions for your interview will be to keep it interesting and engaging.

You want the footage to include multiple scenarios and scenes. The b-roll will be used over top of the original interview cuts so that the entire video feels complete and as if it has a natural progression or flow.

Seek footage that will provide the emotional connection that you wish to produce between the testimonial and your end viewer.

Don’t be afraid to include b-roll of the customer using the product or service, past customer using the product or service, or the team at work producing the product or service. The goal here is to show consumers the reality of your brand and how it works.

Make it Relatable

Include environmental images that will help the consumer feel connected to where and how your brand is produced. Keep footage as relatable as you can. Consider using footage of the team working together, colleagues operating together or similar b-roll. This will add authenticity and a human connection to the brand.

Remember, b-roll video production for your customer testimonial videos has an equally important role as does the interview itself. Together, these two elements will make your customer testimonial the important, effective piece of content that you will use to generate trust and leads for your brand.

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