5 Reasons to Book Providence Remote Shooting Kits

Remote shooting kits offer contactless video recording and exposure control for your safety while filming during COVID-19. Just as you or your crew would need the camera and lighting system in a studio for production, so too are quality remote shooting kits a good idea for producing top quality video footage with limited contact & zero face-to-face interaction. We provide service in the. Here are the top 5 reasons to book Providence remote shooting kits.

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#1 Social distancing with Remote Video Kits

Social distancing has certainly brought its challenges to the world of production but it hasn’t stopped us yet. Remote video kits provide a combination of lens, microphone, lighting and live web streaming production in one easy-to-use kit. A virtual filming package can be customizable, so if you need extras like teleprompters, wireless camera equipment, additional lighting and audio, or anything else, it’s entirely possible. One more thing to consider is how our Providence remote shooting kits are set up by our crew member before the talent arrives to ensure a safe and smooth experience.


#2 Hands free production with Providence Video Drop Kits.

Contactless video production offers a safe, hands-free production which helps to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission. Since there are many options of Providence video drop kits available for you, so you can look for the ideal option with all of the features that you need. As you look into how to book a mobile shooting kit in Providence, be prepared to talk about your concepts so that you get the ideal video drop kit solution that can help you achieve your production goals. These rigs are simple to use with a single camera system and basic remote features or they can be more complex with a multi lens camera system and all the extra components and video production equipment you may need for a successful project.

#3 A Virtual Filming Package Meets Your Needs

Providence remote shooting kits from Beverly Boy Productions have much of the same gear you’d find an on-site camera crew using to capture footage. What changes in this scenario is the fact that top-notch video can still be captured but without a complete crew in the same room as the talent or actors, so there’s no risk of exposure during a shoot.  A virtual filming package can include easy-to-use production equipment and step-by-step shot coordination that happens remotely so that capturing viral video both is both easy and safe for all involved. A virtual filming package can include a professional camera that will be positioned on a moving cart as well lighting, audio equipment, and a laptop for operating the gear. You can receive everything you need to create a video that won’t need a full crew to be present with talent, so as to avoid the  increase of Coronavirus risks..

Remote Shooting Kits

#4 Get Providence Production Gear on Demand

Whether your shoot is in Fox Point or College Hill, it’s easy to schedule a delivery of your Providence remote shooting kits for an easy project experience. At Beverly Boy Productions we are ready to discuss your needs for Providence production gear on demand. It’s easy to produce video with a sanitized production kit. With a moving cart and camera equipment, the whole setup is very easy The camera will be set up where you want it with lighting, audio, and camera gear all positioned to be controlled by a crew member remotely. When the filming is finished, the gear will be cleaned and made ready for future use, after you return it. 

 #5 Sanitized Production Kits for Your safety

Sanitized production kits allow for safe production project during these uncertain times. COVID-19 certainly has made it challenging for the production industry around the world. Contactless, Providence remote shooting kits are one of the ways that Beverly Boy Productions works hard to continue to provide safe, professional video production that suits our clients needs. Sanitized production kits allow for production to happen regardless of COVID-19 or coronavirus worries. The equipment we use is safe and reliable, as well as remotely operated by a drop kit technician so everyone stays safe from exposure doing the shoot.

If you want to find out more about Providence Remote Shooting Kits that simplify the production processes while following social distancing policies set forth by the CDC, reach out to Beverly Boy Productions. Our contactless delivery of Providence video drop kits is available now to assist you with your production goals as you follow safety standards.

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