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5 Video Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents

Realtors have several opportunities to include video in their marketing efforts and they really should. In fact, if you’re not using video as part of your online marketing strategy for a real estate business, you are missing out on a lot of potential traffic, revenue and fun. Video provides an easy to share, user-friendly promotional element that will generate higher rankings for you and more organic reach for your business. Follow along with these 5 video marketing ideas for real estate agents to boost their brand.

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Create Neighborhood Videos

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Real estate agents can showcase the best of the best in neighborhood videos that showcase to prospective homeowners why they should choose a particular neighborhood over another. Clients that seek to purchase a home are not only looking at the home.

They are also interested in the area schools, restaurants, shopping, things to do and what it’s like to live in the town. As a realtor, if you can show the best stats and trends in an area along with the top things to do and places to go, you can sell more properties without any other content needed.

Meet the Realtor

As a prospective homeowner or home seller, I want to know who the realtor is that I am considering a relationship with. Realtors that create a “meet the realtor” or “meet the agent” video can make a great first impression on their potential clients without even leaving the office.

Share your video on Trulia and various other real estate marketing apps to get in front of a wider audience and share your skills with those seeking talent that you have to offer.

The video can be short, about 2-3 minutes maximum, and informative. Captivate your audience and show why it’s fun and effective to work with you as a realtor.

Educational Content

Real estate agents that produce educational videos for their social media feeds or website have a higher organic reach than those that use only blog content or written content. Video engages more viewers and has the potential to drive up organic rankings.

There are tons of different topics you can cover to show your audience that you are an expert in real estate. Focus heavily on your location and the important elements of real estate that many prospective owners or buyers need details on such as:

  • Financing
  • Home improvement
  • Foreclosure
  • Making an offer
  • Remodeling
  • Home staging
  • Mortgages
  • Lease rentals

Anywhere you can educate and add value while connecting with your audience, do it! It’s a win for you and a win for your audience as they learn more about the industry and about your expertise. When the time is right, they’ll know who to call for help.

Home Tours

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Real estate agents can use video tours to show properties to prospective buyers. This form of video is likely the most popular in the industry and the easiest to do.

Consider the use of drone footage and other forms of multimedia to show viewers the property in an interesting and exciting way. Prospective buyers will appreciate being able to tour a home that you have listed for sale without leaving their home or office. The convenience may lead to a sale.

FAQ Videos

Realtors are often faced with the same questions several times a day. If you find yourself answering common questions time and again, consider an FAQ video for each major question that details the answer in a way that shows the viewer not only that you are an expert, but that you legitimately want to help them out.

Consider using FAQ videos on your about page or on social media when common questions relative to the industry arise.

These are just a few of the various video marketing ideas for real estate agents. For help getting started with real estate video production, call Beverly Boy Productions today at 888-462-7808.

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