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Top 10 Things to Look for When Hiring an Atlanta, Georgia Production Company

At Beverly Boy Productions, our clients know they can trust our Atlanta, Georgia production company  for anything from a brand campaign to a digital marketing campaign. Atlanta has many beautiful spots, from the Centennial Olympic Park to the Georgia Aquarium. Great southern cooking and trendy bars are yet another reason why Atlanta is a favorite Georgian city. The following are our top 10 reasons to hire an Atlanta, Georgia production company:

  1. Centennial Olympic Park

    Atlanta, Georgia Production Company

Designed for the 1996 Olympics, this park is now one of the most visited in the city. With 22-acres of greenery, it’s no wonder that people from all over the city enjoy spending time in this large, downtown location. Ideal for any type of video services you have in mind, it’s an iconic spot in the Atlanta landscape. The park sees a lot of activities, from festivals to marathons and holiday celebrations.

  1. Georgia Aquarium

    Atlanta, Georgia Production Company

There isn’t a beach nearby but for marine life admirers, there is always the Georgia Aquarium. A unique destination for visiting with kids or setting up for footage with an Atlanta, Georgia production company, the Georgia Aquarium doesn’t disappoint. With a large tank that measures 284 feet in length x 126 feet in width, you can admire animals like whale sharks and manta rays. From the dolphin show to the other “resident” animals, the Georgia Aquarium isn’t your typical small-town aquarium.

  1. Climate

    Atlanta, Georgia Production Company

The climate in Atlanta can be hot and heavy in the summer, with temperatures sometimes reaching up to 95°F. This kind of weather can make it a bit challenging to do outdoor filming, while in the winter it’s cold and wet. The best time for both visiting the city and filming with your chosen video company is during the months of May to June or late August to October.

  1. Atlanta Botanical Garden

    Atlanta, Georgia Production Company

This garden is a favorite for people who love spending time around flowers and plants of every kind. From the Orchid Daze to the Yayoi Kusama, this isn’t just a garden but also a sort of art gallery. As such, it’s no wonder that many film production companies love to use it as a location both for independent projects and even commercial video production.

  1. Swan House at Atlanta History Center

    Atlanta, Georgia Production Company

Swan House is impressive both for its unique architecture but also for its history. Built in 1928, it was a home designed for entertaining and it still serves this purpose to this day. From the classic cars to the gorgeous views from the lawn, it’s an impressive experience for any visitor but also as a backdrop for your project with an Atlanta production studio.

  1. Food

    Atlanta, Georgia Production Company

Atlanta is just as happening and busy as any other big American City, which means that if you want to find a melting-pot of cuisine here, you will. Whether you’re feeding your Atlanta production crew or taking a break, filling up on the best eats in town is always a good idea. Here are a few of the best options:

  1. Rumi’s Kitchen: Unique Persian cuisine is the reason why you’ll visit Rumi’s Kitchen and the reason why you’ll go back for more. From the wines to the mirza ghasemi, there are several reasons why you should try the food at this local Atlanta favorite.
  2. Heirloom Market BBQ: You can’t go to the south with your production team and not try our local BBQ. Korean-inspired yet still just as delicious as any southern barbeque joint, this unique yet must-visit restaurant will amaze you with the delectable options for you to try.
  3. Aria is a classy yet casual restaurant offering anything from slow braised pork to lobster. You can enjoy a high-end meal in a laid-back environment, making it an all-time favorite for the locals.


  1. SkyView Atlanta

    Atlanta, Georgia Production Company

Just like the London Eye, Skyview Atlanta stands out in the city of Atlanta. From the amazing views you’ll get from the top of the 200-foot Ferris wheel to the fact that it’s an iconic backdrop for any video production experience with your favorite Atlanta, Georgia production company, SkyView Atlanta is a must-visit.

  1. History

    Atlanta, Georgia Production Company

Founded in 1837, Atlanta has always been an important location in the south. It was the end of the Western and Atlantic railroad line, which is where the name Atlanta originated from. It was an important center for the Civil Rights Movement in the 60s, and Atlanta also ended up becoming one of the most important transportation hubs and industrial locations in the south.

  1. Permits

    Atlanta, Georgia Production Company

When you plan on doing the best video production possible with one of the top production companies in Atlanta, you’ll want to make sure that you have the right permits. Not every type of production requires one, but some things like filming on public property or street closures will.

  1. The Fox Theatre

    Atlanta, Georgia Production Company

Once a movie spot, this theatre dates back to 1929. It is now a location for performing arts and as such is an iconic place for any kind of video production with any local Atlanta, Georgia production company that you may have in mind. Located on Peachtree Street, it’s a place that everyone knows and is worth considering using for video services. Not only is it iconic for its history, but the architecture of the theatre itself is eye-catching and grandeur.

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