10 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Production Company Film Perks

At Beverly Boy Productions, our Philadelphia, Pennsylvania production company is ready for filming in the amazing city of Philadelphia, a city rich in history and architecture. From great food to interesting museums, this city is the ideal location for a variety of video services. Check out the top 10 reasons to hire a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania production company:

  1. Eastern State PenitentiarySan Antonio, Texas Production Company

A bit of a sad destination yet a highly historical and iconic one, the Eastern State Penitentiary is a must-visit for anyone who wants to learn the good and bad parts of the city’s history. It was known as the most expensive prison in the world. Now, it’s just a crumbling mass of cells. Full of history and once the home of infamous criminals like Al Capone, the Eastern State Penitentiary will hold your attention, or that of your viewers if you use it as a location for a unique commercial video production.

  1. Philadelphia Museum of ArtSan Antonio, Texas Production Company

From indoor art pieces to outdoor sculptures, the Philadelphia Museum of Art is a must-visit for those who love art. As one of the best art museums in the country, you don’t want to miss out on the unique exhibitions and collections, and even the architecture of the museum itself. Whether for a brand campaign or as a backdrop for a production with a local Philadelphia, Pennsylvania production company, the Philadelphia Museum of Art is always a good idea.

  1. ClimateSan Antonio, Texas Production Company

Philadelphia weather is warm in the summer with temperatures reaching up to 94-degrees but rarely gets higher. Winter temperatures can drop to 13-degrees but you won’t often find them dropping any more, although there are freak storms every now and then.  Winters are also quite wet, so it isn’t the ideal time for the best video production, although you can get some lovely shots. Ideal months for visiting or filming are from June to July or early August to late September.

  1. Independence National Historic ParkSan Antonio, Texas Production Company

Everyone knows about the Liberty Bell and if you’re in Philadelphia, you’ll want to visit the Independence National Historic Park. Whether you want to learn more about our freedom or you are looking to film at a highly important and historic place in the U.S., Independence National Historic Park is a must-visit.

  1. Shofuso Japanese House and GardenSan Antonio, Texas Production Company

A beautiful and tranquil location in the middle of busy Philadelphia, this unique spot is the perfect set for a project with a Philadelphia camera crew. The house on the grounds was actually built in Japan back in 1953. With Koi fish, a tea house, and a lovely courtyard, it’s a relaxing spot to spend an afternoon.

  1. FoodSan Antonio, Texas Production Company

Philadelphia has a lot of options for good old American food and of course, as a city rich in culture, there are plenty of restaurants offering your favorite cuisine:

  1. Giuseppe and Sons is an excellent option for those who want to try some delectable sandwiches—which is something that Philadelphia just happens to be really good at. An ideal spot for a quick lunch break during your project with a local production team, you’ll be sure to enjoy the satisfying flavors of these tasty sandwiches.
  2. A name as fitting as the type of food served, Vedge is a favorite for vegans looking for food that isn’t only healthy and animal-friendly, but also very satisfying!
  3. You either love Japanese food or you don’t. If you do, Nunu is a must-visit for those who are looking forward to eating everything from grilled skewers to katsu and of course, your favorite Japanese drinks.


  1. Edgar Allan Poe National Historic SiteSan Antonio, Texas Production Company

He didn’t grow up here, he didn’t even live there for long, but the Edgar Allan Poe National Historic Site is still a very important destination for those who love everything about this morose poet. In fact, Edgar only lived here from 1843 to 1844 but he sure did a lot of writing during that time. An ideal spot for your video production with a local Philadelphia production studio.

  1. HistorySan Antonio, Texas Production Company

Founded by William Penn in 1682, Philadelphia was a very important part in the industrial and financial history of the U.S. It was even a temporary capital of the country and was the site of the First and Second Continental Congresses. While once a busy port city, Philadelphia ended up being more important for manufacturing plants and leather and shoe industries than for the shipping industry.

  1. PermitsSan Antonio, Texas Production Company

As you start looking for an incredible Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Production Company, you’ll want to also consider what kind of permits you may need for the best video production in the city. There are different kinds of permits required for different types of filming. For example, you’ll need a Fire Department Permit for Pyrotechnics if you want to film anything with prop guns and gunpowder, etc. If you want to use police officers in your footage, you’ll also need to get the right permit for this.

  1. Mount Moriah CemeterySan Antonio, Texas Production Company

Hauntingly beautiful, there is just something captivating about Mount Moriah Cemetery. An abandoned cemetery, opened in 1855, this unique location with it’s over-the-top Romanesque entrance is something out of a storybook. Now taken over by the surrounding forest, Mount Moriah Cemetery isn’t only a beautiful place to visit, but it’s a compelling location for any kind of project with a top Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Production Company.

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