What are the Advantages of Marketing with Online Videos?

What are the Advantages of Marketing with Online Videos?

Companies large and small are finding that video marketing is the next big advantage for their brands. They’re growing traffic, increasing revenue, and building strong customer relationships all through their video marketing campaigns. If you’re a business owner that’s not involved in video marketing just yet, you’re probably wondering “What are the advantages of marketing with online videos?” 

The reality is, there are endless advantages to marketing with online videos. Videos are the powerhouse marketing medium that have the ability to build trust among your audience, answer common questions and provide unique solutions to their problems, and enhance the customer experience which results in increased conversions and greater revenue. If you’re on the fence about video marketing, consider these advantages to marketing with online videos.

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  1. Videos Increase Website Rankings

Recent admission from Google is that websites, particularly webpages, which include video, are more likely to rank in the top 3 of the SERPs than those that do not. So what does this mean for your brand? It means that you can have a strong page, with great content, that’s competing with a similar page with great content, but if you don’t have video, you’re probably not going to rank as well as a brand that does. 

  1. Videos Increase Revenue

According to recent studies, marketers that incorporate online videos into their marketing campaigns are seeing increases in company revenue by as much as 49% or more. In fact, year-over-year revenue growth for businesses that include video marketing is nearly 50% faster than those that do not or than the business growth was before the incorporation of video marketing.

  1. Videos Encourage Purchases

Did you know that customers admit that they are more likely to purchase a product or service after they see a branded video? Not only do 90% of consumers state that product videos help them to make purchase decisions, 64% of them say that video is absolutely more likely to result in them making the purchase. Additionally, 97% of marketers say that video has been an effective way of increasing consumer understanding of products and services.

  1. Consumers Want to See Videos

Are you still wondering, “What are the advantages of marketing with online videos?” How about the fact that by using online videos you’re giving the consumer exactly what they want? People prefer video over email, text, and other forms of advertising. Not only that, but consumers watch an average of 100 minutes of online videos per day – every, single, day. 

If you’re not using video to reach your customer, you’re not giving your customer what they want. It’s so simple. Give the customer what they want, and you get the advantage of increased revenue, increased rankings, and increased customer satisfaction too. Why not?

  1. Videos Increase Organic Traffic to a Website

Just like videos increase search rankings, they also increase organic traffic to your website. Video users are more likely to stay on a page longer too. Since Google uses both time on page, and click through rate as a way of deciding where to rank a webpage, the inclusion of marketing with online videos on your website has the power to increase your organic traffic. 

  1. People Like to Share Videos

So, what are the advantages of marketing with online videos? What if we told you that people like to share video content? How does that benefit you? Well, shared videos can lead to backlinks, another important search engine influence. Not only that, but when people share your videos, your marketing reach is increased exponentially – and it costs you nothing! 

Another great factor that comes from shared videos, is the fact that if someone shares your video and says they like what they see, it builds trust among the new viewer. This is especially true if people share with their friends, colleagues, or others that they are networked with.

  1. Videos Increased Conversions 

Not just on your website, in emails, and on social media too. Videos have the power to increase click through rates by as much as 27% and they have been found to increase website conversion rates by as much as 34%. Additionally, the use of online videos in your marketing, specifically on social media, will lead to increased likes, comments and shares.

  1. Videos Help You Reach Business Decision Makers

What are the advantages of marketing with online videos if you’re a business to business brand that is seeking relationships with other business owners? The use of videos in your marketing has the power to help you reach the business decisions makers that are most important to your conversions. In fact, 75% of business executives admit that they watch work-related videos on a weekly basis and more than 50% of senior executives are watching videos that are work related along with their colleagues. 

If you’re a B2B brand that needs to reach senior level executives with your offer, the best way you can do that is to share video! Why? Because 59% of senior executives state that they would rather watch video than read text if approached with the same topic in both formats. So, if you’re not using video in your marketing, you’re missing out on all of these advantages of marketing with online videos!

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