Video Production for Oil Field Drilling Companies

In the search for reputable video production for oil field drilling companies? The oil field drilling industry has experienced significant changes in recent years. Innovative technology, increased demand for energy, and the challenges posed by the global pandemic have all influenced the ways in which the industry operates. In 2020 alone, the US crude oil production reached an estimated 11.3 million barrels per day, despite the global downturn. 

Video production offers a powerful tool to communicate these changes, promote services, and train staff effectively. Companies that embrace video production can anticipate expanded reach and heightened customer engagement. With the average consumer spending nearly 16 hours a week consuming online video, oil field drilling companies can meet their audience where they already are: on social media, websites, and digital platforms.

Beverly Boy Productions offers specialized video production services to help oil field drilling companies reach their business objectives. Through the creation of engaging promotional material, targeted marketing videos, and effective training content, we aim to enhance brand trust and lead to higher conversions and revenue generation.

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Promotional Videos for Oil Field Drilling Companies

Promotional video production has transcended being a privilege reserved only for the giants in the sector. With advancements in technology and increased penetration of the internet, video content has become more accessible and necessary than ever. Conversions stand as the ultimate goal behind the production of any promotional video.

In the first instance, promotional videos can provide a vivid and interactive experience for potential clients, offering them a glimpse of your services even before they make the initial contact. This creates anticipation and interest in your company, setting the stage for further engagement. The power of visual storytelling enables your company to stand out from competitors, creating a unique identity in the minds of potential clients.

Additionally, promotional videos give potential clients an understanding of the services you provide, the value you offer, and the potential results they can expect. By visually showcasing these factors, promotional videos play a pivotal role in differentiating your company from the competition, promoting your unique selling points, and driving engagement with your brand.

Marketing Videos for Oil Field Drilling Companies

Marketing videos play a crucial role in expanding your business and establishing your brand within the oil field drilling sector. While increasing revenue is always a primary goal, the actions taken before the client’s first contact significantly influence the growth of your business.

Marketing videos foster engagement with your target audience, amplify interest in your company, and create buzz around the services you offer. Marketing video production for oil field drilling companies can:

  • Increase landing page conversions by 80%.
  • Boost social shares by 1200%.
  • Improve retention of your messaging by 85%.
  • Encourage purchases through social media platforms.

The video has become a dominant form of media for consumers and is a surefire strategy to drive higher conversions and revenue. Most consumers prefer videos to learn about new services, and many make purchases after seeing a service featured in a video on social media or a company’s website. Marketing videos, therefore, directly contribute to increased leads, sales, and revenue for your company.

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Training Videos for Oil Field Drilling Companies

The oil field drilling industry is a competitive arena with high employee turnover rates. However, there are tools available that can help reduce turnover and alleviate the challenges associated with onboarding new team members. One such tool is training video production.

Initially, training videos for oil field drilling companies can have a significant impact on employee retention. These videos offer a uniform, accessible, and more effective alternative to traditional in-person training or written programs. This ensures that all employees receive the same quality of training, regardless of when they join the company, thereby promoting consistency and standards within your organization.

Moreover, training videos save management time and resources, making them a cost-effective training solution. They address a common issue in the industry – lack of sufficient training time. By enabling employees to access the training material at their convenience, training videos ensure that no employee is left behind due to scheduling conflicts or time constraints.

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Interview Videos for Oil Field Drilling Companies

Interview videos for oil field drilling companies can be instrumental in establishing trust and confidence within your target market. Video production for oil field drilling companies provides a platform to share insights, experiences, and expertise, thereby fostering a sense of reliability and authenticity.

Firstly, interviews showcasing your leadership and industry expertise can help build a community of confident consumers who trust the information and insights you share. This can range from discussions about the latest technology in oil drilling to your company’s commitment to safety and environmental sustainability.

Secondly, featuring interviews with your staff, satisfied clients, or industry experts can humanize your brand and highlight the real people behind your services. This can be particularly effective in building strong relationships with your audience, as it shows that you value their trust and engagement. Such steps taken to showcase the experience and expertise of your company can yield significant benefits for your business over time.

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