Minority Owned Production Company in Raleigh

 If you are keen on promoting supplier or vendor diversity, working with minority-owned enterprises is a great way to ensure inclusivity. For instance, if you are a minority entrepreneur with a small business in need of a short commercial video, or perhaps a veteran, woman, a member of the LGBTQ community, or a minority group and looking for video production services in Raleigh to help share your experience. You can consider paying for the services of a minority-owned production company in Raleigh. 

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At Team Beverly Boy, we support and encourage supplier diversity in our business. We are an African-American-owned production company with a team comprising a female film crew, LGBTQ production crew members, and employees from other minority groups. If you appreciate vendor diversity you will enjoy working with us. We also service Garner, NC, Wake Forest, NC, Cary NC, and Apex, NC.

Minority-Owned Production Company in Raleigh 

While diversity and inclusion have become prevalent in the world today, the film industry still lags behind in matters of minority inclusivity, cultural diversity, and the representation of marginalized communities. A lot of effort and work needs to be put into addressing the issue of inclusivity in film and moving past the “underrepresented” threshold. At Team Beverly Boy, we take diversity and inclusion seriously and play our role to encourage inclusivity

Our minority-owned production company in Raleigh has been in business for more than twenty years. We have a team of highly efficient black filmmakers, LGBTQ production crew members, and skilled producers who can assist with a variety of film projects and work within your budget. We formulate and execute interesting ideas to create exceptional videos of any kind. 

By working with a minority-owned production company in Raleigh, you create more economic opportunities for underrepresented and minority groups and support corporate supplier diversity and inclusivity in the film sector. In return, we provide you with unique video concepts and create outstanding content and footage. We also service Avery, Bertie, and Bladen counties. 

Black Owned Production Company

If you are interested in promoting inclusivity in the film industry, you can hire the services of a black-owned production company such as Beverly Boy to support black creators and create job and economic opportunities for members of minority groups. We create effective strategies and ideas to produce top-rated commercial videos. Your efforts to promote diversity also help to maintain growth among minority groups and strengthen the economy as well.

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There are several other material benefits of hiring a black-owned production company in Raleigh besides promoting diversity and inclusivity. For instance, you get to work with film experts who know the ideal spots in the city to shoot your video. Black filmmakers in Raleigh are familiar with the city and can easily find great places to film such as the JC Arboretum, Warehouse District, Dorothea Dix Park and Fayetteville Street. Our Beverly Boy black production team will handle your project from developing concepts to filming. They will also introduce you to fascinating spots in Raleigh with beautiful parks and museums. 

Imagine all you can gain from hiring a minority-owned Production Company in Raleigh. These benefits include enjoying the flexibility and adaptability that comes with working with a diverse team to having a team with unique ideas and perspectives handling your project. Whether you need interview videos, live streams, or explainer videos for your business, you can always trust a minority-owned production company like Beverly Boy with all your projects. We also service zip codes 40755, 22623 and 42128. 

The advantages of hiring a Minority Owned Production Company in Raleigh are include:

  • Innovation and Creativity.
  • Cost Savings
  • Supplier Diversity. Working with an MBE can help diversify your clientele
  • More Opportunity. Minority-owned businesses can help you expand your opportunities.

Black Film Crew

By choosing to hire a minority-owned production company in Raleigh, you get to work with various talented professionals. At Team Beverly Boy, we feature a team of an innovative black film crew that is eager to work on your project from pre-production & story creation to post-production editing. Our production team as well as our clientele is diverse and we intend to continue supporting diversity and inclusivity in film.

When looking for an ideal video production company in Raleigh, it is vital that you consider vendor diversity and find one with a diverse team. Hiring a local minority-owned business provides you with a wide pool of talent and creativity that will significantly improve the quality of your project’s outcome. At Team Beverly Boy, you will work with an expert black producer, a black director, and a skillful group of diverse camera crew members who will provide you with unique perspectives and valuable insights. Our professionals will offer you logistical assistance, dedication, and a wealth of expertise to help achieve your desired results. 

Are you looking for a video production company to film promos for social media, a series of educational videos, a 30-second television spot, or a corporate interview? Working with a Minority Owned Production Company in Raleigh will guarantee you top-quality results and help you achieve your desired outcome. Contact Team Beverly Boy for all your video production needs.

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