Quick Tips to Host Live Streaming Content for Your Business

Quick Tips to Host Live Streaming Content for Your Business

The decision to host live streaming content for your audience is a big step, but well worth the effort that you put in. While there are various ways that you can get started with setting up and hosting live stream content for your audience, we’re looking to simplify the process so that even beginners can get started with this process. The entire live stream process can be completed in 4 easy steps: capturing the audio and video, producing the content and adding any overlays or titles, hosting the live stream for your audience, and later managing the video content for future use. We’re going to focus on how to host live streaming content for your business and what this means.

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Hosting live streaming content for your business is all about determining two major factors:

Where will the content be sent?

How will it be sent there?

When you host live streaming content you need to recognize that video content like this can be a huge resource hog. Further, if your video gets popular (read: “Goes Viral”) you’re looking at even greater bandwidth hogs and the potential for your live stream to halt if you’re not prepared with appropriate server setups. Since the focus here is on how to host live streaming we’ll focus on solutions that will apply to the actual process of hosting live streaming content rather than the alternative, video on demand or VOD, hosting services that many businesses use.

Choose Live Stream Video Host

First, if you’re going to host live streaming content then you’re going to need a live stream video host. You have several options here. Most businesses choose to go with a third-party provider that allows them to add live stream video to their website or other online profiles for free. Your third-party hosting platforms include Youtube, Vimeo, Twitter Live, Facebook Live and Instagram Stories as well as various other solutions.

Remember, using a third-party host like this will also increase your views and impressions by putting your content in front of the massive audiences that each of these platforms already has behind them.

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Consider Paid Host Options

When you host live streaming content you also have the potential to consider paid host options. There are benefits that come from choosing paid hosting. The host will provide all required bandwidth and encoding so that you can easily embed videos to your website. Consider this option if you need dedicated live stream viewable periods or if you’re looking to have more viewer hours and storage than you can get with a standard third-party free host.

Consider Hiring a Professional

If the mere thought of figuring all of this out before you even start filming seems like a mess to you, consider hiring a professional to help you host live streaming content for your business. While many live streaming options are essentially plug and play, you want to make sure that your business is represented in a way that makes the content that you share appropriate for your brand and clearly proven to showcase your business professionally. 

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A professional live streaming video production crew will help you determine how to host live streaming content for your business in a way that will be most appropriate to your goals and current business needs. They’ll help you choose a streaming host as well as the appropriate tools or additional add on features to ensure your video content not only finds it way in front of the audience it is intended for, but also that  no matter how complex the process is, your live video stream is delivered without a hitch.

Call Beverly Boy Productions to learn more about the steps needed to host live streaming content for your business. We can’t wait to help you live stream your business to the world!

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