How Much Does it Cost to Stream an Event in Birmingham

Successful live streamed events represent a key opportunity for businesses to engage consumer audiences and deliver powerful messages with a potentially worldwide reach. The use of technology to live stream events for Birmingham businesses has rapidly gained popularity since 2020 when COVID-19 restrictions caused widespread closures and lockdowns to non-essential businesses. Many businesses that are considering live event streaming want to know, “how much does it cost to stream an event in Birmingham?”

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At Beverly Boy Productions, we discuss event streaming prices with clients on a regular basis. Typically, we tell our Birmingham clients that event streaming rates vary based on production crew size and various other needs.

Most live streams can be professionally produced for between $1,000 and $5,000 for a single-day event. However, many factors contribute to increased event pricing.

Birmingham Event Streaming Costs

Birmingham live stream production crews change between $100 and $250 per hour, per crew members for their expertise and experience. So when you ask, “How much does it cost to stream an event in Birmingham?” We initially begin considering the individual crew member costs that will figure into the total.

Rates in Birmingham are typically as follows:

– Director – up to $250 per hour

– Camera Operator – up to $400 per hour

– Equipment – up to $100s per hour

– Narrator – up to $400 per hour

– Switcher – up to $200 per hour

– Streaming platform – $50 to $1,000 (depends on the platform and usage)

– B-Roll – usually a percentage of the total cost between 10 and 50%

– Miscellaneous Fees – very little or could be 1,000s

The number of crew members required to deliver the most professional live stream for your audience, as well as individual technology needs will equally factor into the final day rate that you should expect for your live streamed event. It’s also important to consider whether a broadcast engineer or other advanced professionals will be required to deliver the finished project.

Free Streaming in Birmingham

Many clients that ask us, “how much does it cost to stream an event in Birmingham?” also wonder, “Can’t I just stream my event on Facebook Live or YouTube Live for Free? Unfortunately, although the answer is technically “Yes” The answer we recommend is “No!”

In fact, we don’t think you should live stream your event on Facebook or any free live stream technology. The reason being:

– If you live stream your event on Facebook, you’ll have no control over who can watch the event.

– If you live stream on Facebook you’ll have no control over when the event can be cutoff or how.

– Live streaming on Facebook means that they choose the commercials that show during the event, which means your competition may show advertisements during your event — to YOUR customers.

We do believe that free options like Facebook Live do have their place in the marketing campaigns that you use for your business, just not when it comes to live streaming an event that you spent all this time working on.

Additional Considerations

When clients ask us, “How much does it cost to stream an event in Birmingham?” Our goal is to provide as detailed and accurate of an answer as possible.

While we frequently mention that event streaming in Birmingham can cost between $1,000 and $5,000 depending on the unique needs of the event, we also want clients to know that technology and individual event needs can directly influence the total cost of the production.

For more information on live streaming your Birmingham event, give Beverly Boy Productions a call!

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