Funeral Live Streaming Services 

We know that in the best of circumstances, planning a funeral can be difficult. Add in a global pandemic, job conflicts, travel costs, and more and it can be a challenge to make sure that everyone can be present for the last goodbye. This is when professional funeral live streaming services in Quebec City could be just what your family needs during this time. 


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Live streaming technology can make a difference for you and yours, despite the distance between you. The added element of support can be everything for your family and friends during a time that is already considerably difficult. Being able to attend the service, even if it’s from the comfort of your home on your phone or tablet can be helpful for the grieving process.  

Live Streaming Funerals Help You Stay Connected

Whether you have moved abroad for studies or a job or your loved ones live across the country, families tend to grow apart—physically, at least—and technology does a great job at keeping everyone together. 

Live stream technology in particular has been in use for 20+ years but you typically see it used for sports or concerts, and sometimes weddings. Many may consider a live stream service to be a bit odd, but the reality is that it’s a helpful tool for when loved ones simply can’t be together for a memorial or service.

Global Reach For Everyone In Your Circle

Funeral live streaming services in Quebec City provide the global reach you would need to reach everyone in your circle, if you are spread around the world. As long as everyone has internet access, you can be sure that regardless of where everyone may be located, they’ll be able to attend.    

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Benefits Offered By Funeral Live Streaming

Funeral live streaming services in Quebec City offer a variety of benefits for loved ones who are dealing with loss. The live stream doesn’t have to be a public affair and can be done so it’s invite-only access reserved for only family and friends. Consider these benefits below:    

  • You may need to plan for a quick funeral but with loved ones across the globe, this may be impossible. Consider using live stream services to ensure that the burial takes place as soon as possible. 
  • Live stream footage can be recorded so that when needed, you can look back at moments from the service during your healing process.  
  • Connecting with family and friends can be beneficial when you’re grieving so if you’re attending a live stream, chat with others who are as well so you can get the support that you need. 
  • A funeral service is about those who are grieving the deceased family member so while you might not be able to go in person, you can attend via live stream to say your goodbyes. 
  • Your kids may be too young to attend the service. If this is the case, consider how a live stream service could help you still be present at the service. 

At Beverly Boy Productions, we know how difficult it is to face losing a loved one. We offer live streaming services in Quebec City, Quebec should you need support during this time. Reach out to our team for compassionate and discreet services for a live stream service. We’re here for you.

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