Everything You Need to Know about Graduation Live Video Streaming 

Everything You Need to Know about Graduation Live Video Streaming is available to you here. Graduation ceremonies are a once in a lifetime event. For teens graduating high school, the opportunity comes after 12-15 years of school. For adults graduating college, the event comes after sleepless nights, missed vacations, and steady drive towards earning the education that will foster their future.

So when COVID-19 turns to, “Graduation is Canceled,” of course people are unhappy. The best schools “adjust” to our new “norms” and look for a way to deliver the graduation ceremonies that the graduating class of 2020 so rightfully deserve. If that sounds like you, here’s everything you need to know about graduation live video streaming services and broadcasting a graduation ceremony.

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Graduation ceremony

While some of the larger schools and colleges nationwide have used live streaming as part of their commencement ceremony offering for several years, only recently has it become necessary to offer live broadcasting of graduation ceremonies for viewing by friends, family members and loved ones that have achieved the success of completing a degree program and becoming a graduate. Graduation live video streaming represents a way for faculty and school media stuff to show graduates that their work has not gone unnoticed and that graduation, whether in-person or online, is an important event. 

Leverage Existing Equipment 

The first thing you should know about graduation live video streaming is that you don’t necessarily have to employ all new equipment just for the purpose of live streaming the graduation ceremony. Commencement ceremonies can be filmed with cameras that larger schools already have on campus and chances are you can utilize much of the lighting, audio and film equipment that you already have on campus from prior events or needs. 

Troubleshoot, Troubleshoot, Troubleshoot 

Do you really need to troubleshoot over and over? Yes! When graduation live video streaming is taking place there is a laundry list of things that could go wrong if you don’t test and troubleshoot everything in advance. Schedule time for testing and troubleshooting during setup and make sure that you’re setting up your equipment at least 48 hours in advance to ensure you have enough time to fix any technical difficulties you come across. Be prepared for things like bandwidth issues, audio problems, and the potential for your encoder to require a special touch. 

Graduation ceremonies

Bandwidth Matters — A LOT 

Graduation live video streaming can be great, or it can go bad–fast. One of the biggest failures that people make when live streaming any event is not realizing that they do not have adequate bandwidth to stream the event until they attempt to stream the event the DAY OF. If you don’t have enough bandwidth, you will lose connection and your audience will not see your graduation event. 

Consider a dedicated Ethernet connection just for the graduation live video streaming event. This way you will have complete control over the network usage. If you cannot use a hardwired connection, consider solutions such as aggregate bandwidth or, if you cannot expand your bandwidth, consider using cloud based encoding so that you can reduce the total bandwidth needs to something more functional for your project.

Graduate ceremony

Create a Digital Graduation Ceremony Experience 

Finally, when learning Everything You Need to Know about Graduation Live Video Streaming consider these things. As you work to put together the graduation live video streaming event, creating a digital graduation ceremony experience that will keep viewers engaged, excited, and satisfied with the commencement ceremony; follow these tips shared with you. Remember, the audience will appreciate the commencement speech, but think about how you can incorporate photos, videos and past experiences during the speech to bring it to life.

Use school colors in graphics and design elements. While you don’t need to get to elaborate (and in fact, we recommend you keep it rather simple for safety), there are many ways that you can create a digital graduation ceremony experience that the audience will remember for years to come.

Now that you know the important facts that will guide your decision to start graduation live video streaming, consider hiring a professional to get the most out of the live streaming process. Live streaming is a lot to take on, especially to capture a graduation event that is so important and likely to be viewed by hundreds or potentially thousands of viewers. Give Beverly Boy Productions a call if you’d like to learn more about graduation live video streaming services that we provide to take your commencement ceremony to the next level.

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