5 Reasons You Should Consider a Virtual Broadcast for Your Business

5 Reasons You Should Consider a Virtual Broadcast for Your Business

Virtual broadcasting is a growing trend. Changes in how we work and interact with one another, and the limitations of face-to-face engagement have made many businesses rethink the idea of a virtual broadcast for their engagement. If you’re still on the fence, or not sure if this flexible, easy to market, and easier to execute method of engagement is the right choice for your brand, consider these 5 reasons to consider a virtual broadcast for your business, today.

1 A Virtual Broadcast will Reduce COVID Risk

In a world where every face-to-face interaction has the potential to cause COVID, many businesses are seeking constant ways of reducing their risk. A virtual broadcast is one such way. Virtual broadcasting online allows you to engage with your customers and clients without placing them, or yourself and your staff, at risk. Virtual broadcasting allows continued engagement without the risk.

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2 Virtual Broadcasts Expand Social Reach

Hosting a virtual broadcast online allows you to reach a significantly larger audience than if you were to hold an in-person event. Further, if you share your broadcast to all of your major social media profiles (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram), You’ll see up to 50X greater reach for your brand.

3 Virtual Broadcasts Boost Your Return on Investment

Your marketing dollars are important, now more than ever. Every dollar you invest in marketing expenditures must be accounted for and boosted in some manner. Virtual events that are broadcasted to your audience represent an inexpensive way to keep your audience engaged without requiring a physical venue and high-ticket food and beverage expenses. The result? You can engage your customers, they spend money, and you’re ROI is increased — substantially.

4 Virtual Broadcasts Reduce Carbon Footprint

While you may not put much thought into the carbon footprint that your business leaves behind, many businesses are focusing on their impact on the environment and this is a great way to bring in some additional consumer interest. Virtual broadcasts limit the carbon footprint that you produce while youtube business engages an audience and grows. By going virtual, you’re saving paper, shipping, and the interaction of staff and employees which further improves both the health of the environment and that of members in the community.

5 Virtual Broadcasts Can Be Used to Create Evergreen Content

Extending the total shelf life of your content is a big to-do, especially as brands look for more ways to boost their marketing budgets and get the most out of every dollar spent. By hosting a virtual broadcast, you’re extending the total shelf life of your content and even capturing footage that can later be used in branded videos, searchable features, and ongoing content engagement opportunities. It all begins with this one virtual event!

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Ready to get started with hosting a virtual broadcast in your area? Give Beverly Boy Productions a call today! We can’t wait to help you get started.

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