5 Questions to Ask When Working with a Nashville Interview Video Production Company

Corporate interview videos are some of the most popular forms of video content for businesses to use across a variety of hiring, recruiting, marketing and advertising tasks. They can even use corporate interviews in things like educational videos and for testimonial purposes to grow audience awareness, perception, and trust in the brand. If you’re a Music City business owner that’s thinking about hiring a Nashville interview video production company to work with, before you do you need to think about the questions you can ask to properly screen each company that could potentially be a good fit for your project.

At Beverly Boy Productions, we actively work with Nashville business owners to produce corporate interviews that can be used for a variety of marketing and advertising purposes in order to grow your brand. To learn more about the questions we think you should be asking ahead of any interview project, keep reading or give us a call.

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  1. What is Your Experience in Interview Production

First, you need to know that any company you potentially work with is going to come with experience. So you need to ask them about their experience in producing interviews. Whether you’re interested in producing a corporate interview, a case study interview, or a customer interview, be sure to provide basic details and to ask the prospective Nashville interview video production company what their experience is in creating interview videos of a similar style.

  1. Do You have Customer Testimonials from Past Video Projects of a Similar Scope?

This is important because you want to know if you can reach out to past customers about their experience with the interview video production company that you’ve got on your radar. Perhaps you’ll get insight into what it was like to work with the company? You could also get details from customers that will help you to further the relationship along and to ensure the success of your project.

  1. What is Your Favorite Part About Producing a Corporate Interview Video?

This is an important question to ask a Nashville interview video production company because you need to know that they have passion for interview videos. You need to know that they can tell you someone that they really do love about the art of producing a corporate interview video, just like the one that you are considering for your own business.

Whether the interview video production company tells you that their favorite part is the shoot, the post-production editing, the questions, the storytelling, or something entirely different doesn’t matter so much as the importance of them being able to say, without a doubt, that they enjoy producing interview videos for a particular reason. This is what you’re looking to hear. You want to know that they have passion for the project, no matter what the phase.

  1. What Kind of Timeframe Can You Produce My Video In?

This is an “if we work together,” kind of question that’s important only if you actually move forward with the project and hire the Nashville interview video production company that you’re questioning, but none the less, it’s a good question to ask. You need to know that whomever you hire for the job, they’ll be able to work within a timeline that is acceptable to you.

It does no good hiring a production company that’s backed up with projects for the next six months if you intended to have your video completed in two. Likewise, it’s of little use to you to hire a production company that’s looking to produce your video this week, if you won’t be ready to move forward with the project for two more months. Asking this question is going to help you decide what’s best.

  1. What Can I Expect to Pay for an Interview Video that is XX Minutes Long?

Keep in mind that you will get varied answers here, but the purpose of asking this question to whomever you intend to potentially hire for the production of your video is to find out if they can produce your video within any realm of reason that works for your brand. If they say a video of two minutes will be $20K to $30K, and you have a budget of $10K, then you know you need to keep screening. Likewise, if they have a pre-defined estimate that falls within the specific costs that you can afford, and you’re happy with the other questions you’ve asked, they might just be a good fit for you as long as you’re comfortable with them and love their work.

Want more details on hiring a Nashville interview video production company to work with? Give Beverly Boy Productions a call today!

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