Video Production for the RV & Camper Rental Industry

Rising discretionary spending, a trend fueled by COVID-19 to start spending more time outdoors, and general growths in consumer confidence toward RV & camper van rentals has contributed to consistent year over year growth across this industry which now represents over $349 million in annual revenues across the 177 businesses in this sector. Promoting the great outdoors, sharing details on RV parks and the best routes or trips to take across the U.S. for travelers, and rising focus on building up communities of campers that are engaged with the RV or camper van rental business are all huge contributors to lead generation, rental contract fulfillment & ROI. Video production for the RV & camper van rental industry is one of the many ways that these businesses are able to grow their audiences, boost community awareness, and generate consistent leads & rental conversions across the globe.

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Although competition may not be nearly as widely dispersed in the RV & camper van rental industry as it is in some outdoor rental markets, fewer businesses operating in the space doesn’t exactly mean that the competition isn’t still fierce. RV rental businesses that engage in video marketing & advertising will set their brands and their product or service offerings apart from the competition positioning themselves for success.

Beverly Boy Productions creates expert video content that will engage your audience, boost the number of leads coming into your RV & camper van rental store, and help you to build trust among your audience in order to generate more rental sales. Ask us about the marketing & promotional video opportunities that we can bring to your business or about the internal training videos that we can help you create in order to effectively & efficiently grow your team.

Promotional Videos for the RV & Camper Van Rental Industry

Promotional video production for the RV & camper van rental industry frequently focuses on positioning these businesses in front of local target audiences that are potentially interested in vacationing outdoors with their friends & family members. Short, memorable promotional videos are essential to building up your reputation in the RV rental industry and connecting with local community members that could benefit from the rental services that you provide.

Promo videos capture audience attention, increase hype around your rental business, and deliver emotionally captivating, targeted messaging to the intended audience. In other words, promotional videos tell your audience what you’re all about and what they should do to connect with, purchase from, or otherwise engage with your RV & camper van rental business.

Marketing Videos for the RV & Camper Van Rental Industry

It’s pretty widely understood that one of the biggest challenges for RV & camper van rental businesses is building up community interest and spreading the word about the rental services that each business owner provides in his or her target region or geographic location. Marketing videos are an amazing opportunity for RV rental businesses to introduce their services, features, interests, and benefits to consumers. As a result, marketing video production for the RV & camper van rental industry can:

  • Increase your lead conversion rate.
  • Boost the number of incoming leads generated by your rental business by up to 66% or more.
  • Increase organic traffic & website rankings.
  • Increase social media shares up to 1200% and drive consistent social media conversions.
  • Increase revenue growth by 49% faster than non-video marketing strategies.

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While promotional videos are very conversion-focused, marketing videos span the entire funnel from awareness to conversion to long-term relationship building for repeat customer sales. Your RV rental business can market itself with video through a variety of methods that are aimed at connecting, engaging, and encouraging your target audience to interact with, purchase from, or otherwise engage with your brand.

Training Videos for the RV & Camper Van Rental Industry

As you grow your camping rentals business to new heights, and you build a larger audience of consumers that are interested in renting their camping equipment, RVs and gear from your business, you’re going to reach a point where training becomes just as essential as the marketing & video production that you’re thinking about now. If you’re already at that point, it’s likely that you’ve experienced the struggle that comes along with hiring & training new help – it’s never easy, always takes more time than expected. Right?

Training video production for the RV & camper van rental industry can help! Not only do training videos cut back on the total amount of training time that is required with each new employee you bring on board, they’ll save you money & improve your training programs, too. We retain about 95% of the messaging we see in a video, compared to about 10% of what we read.  It makes sense then, to provide video-based training and to deliver video messaging that focuses on what we really want our audience to know because when we ask them to read, the likelihood of them recalling what they learn is about 10%.

 Interview Videos for the RV & Camper Van Rental Industry

Word-of-mouth advertising can only take your RV & camper van rental business so far, especially when consumers are now spending upwards of 100 minutes per day engaging in video content online and more than one-third of all internet activity is video based. Therefore, savvy rental brands recognize the importance of video marketing online, and building up a reputation or audience of trusting people who potentially need, want, or could benefit from their rental services.

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Building trust among your target audience can come from word-of-mouth, but word of mouth marketing news is going to travel much faster if you get it into video and shared on your website, social media, and elsewhere online. In fact, interview videos that represent your rental business and showcase your key department leaders or the professionals behind your business speaking about their accomplishments, expertise & experience in the industry, with camping, and with traveling by RV or camper van will rapidly boost the amount of exposure and trust your target market has for your brand. 

Ask Team Beverly Boy about each of these types of video production for the RV & camper van rental industry and how they can potentially serve your business needs and help you reach your goals!

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