5 Effective Uses of Manufacturing Videos for Your Business

If you’re the owner or manager of a manufacturing business, chances are you’re not really thinking much about how video can be used in your business outside of typical training content.

However, video marketing is for EVERY INDUSTRY. Not just retail or eCommerce. Your manufacturing business can put video to use in several different ways. Follow along as we outline the ways that manufacturing video production can help you fill more jobs, reduce employee turnovers, and improve safety and efficiency in your manufacturing operations.

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1. Attract Viable Employees

Manufacturing businesses often see a high turnover rate. Part of this is because of the type of work and the generally subpar pay but a great deal of the turnover is the result of hiring the wrong people to begin with.

Manufacturing video production allows you to create videos that attract prospective employees to your business based on your manufacturing processes, your management style, your square footage and workspace, and various other elements of your manufacturing business that may attract employees.

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2. Prove Your Worth

Manufacturing videos that showcase what your business can do from a technology and equipment standpoint will help you to prove your value to consumers.

As a business to business service, manufacturing requires you to communicate to your audience that you have the capacity and equipment to deliver powerful results. Explaining the processes that you are capable of with your equipment can be hard, but you certainly can deliver these concepts via video!

3. Document and Improve Production Processes

As a manufacturing business, you have the power to record and document the manufacturing production processes that take place in your plant.

Doing so with video allows you several opportunities. You can use the video for later promotion of the processes that you are capable of, but even more importantly, you can review these process videos and improve your production processes. Improving producing processes to be more efficient, fast, and effective allows you to be more productive and boost your business.

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4. Improve Employee Safety

Manufacturing video production that focuses on delivering safety training videos to employees can greatly improve the overall safety of your plant and the members working there.

Safety training that is delivered via video rather than in person or via written text is more likely to be retained and remembered when needed. Since we recall 90% of what we watch versus less than 50% of what we read, you can greatly improve employee safety by delivering your training via video.

5. Advertise Your Business

Using manufacturing video production to your advantage to advertise your manufacturing business is a great way to boost your overall business profits and goals.

Advertise your manufacturing company with a television commercial, website commercial, or social media videos that help to boost the profile and awareness of your brand. If you’re not sure where, to begin with, promotional video content for your manufacturing business, give Beverly Boy Productions a call!

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At Beverly Boy Productions we specialize in producing top quality video content for a wide range of industries including manufacturing businesses. Our worldwide video production crews are available to assist you with your manufacturing videos and look forward to working with you.

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