How much does a Bangkok camera crew cost?

Bangkok camera crew cost are based on the details of your project. What does your project need? Will you need one camera operator to cover your half-day event, or will you need to cover your conference with more camera operators filming footage for an entire day? Bangkok Camera crew cost will also depend on your video length, location, equipment, necessary angles, and specialized services. 

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When hiring a Bangkok crew, you will be paying for the services of not only the cameraman, but also the director of photography and other important professionals who are important in executing video productions.

Basically, what you will be paying for is an entire camera crew that will help you to record the best video. We also service companies in the neighboring cities like Nonthaburi, Samut Prakan, Chon Buri, and Nakhon Ratchasima.

How much does it cost to film in Bangkok?

Browsing for “How much does it cost to film in Bangkok?”, you can contact the local Bangkok film office to get more info on Bangkok Thailand filming permits, as well as application fees and deadlines. 

Do you want recommendations on where to film in Bangkok? You can ask our team; we know the local area like the back of our hands. To also get Bangkok camera crew cost, call Team Beverly Boy. We can be your partner when it comes to all things Bangkok filming. 

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Bangkok Camera Crew Rates

For each type of project, you require a specific type of gear to produce the best visuals. The type of shots your project needs will determine the Bangkok Camera department prices.

For example, your project may require aerial shots from a drone, or b-roll filmed with a high-definition Sony camera that has high-quality lenses.

These are distinct gadgets with different applications. The gadgets may also need different crew members to operate, that is why understanding your company needs is important.

The time it will take to complete your production will also dictate the Bangkok Camera Crew cost. On average, the Bangkok Camera crews usually charge half-day and full-day rates. 

Video rates and pricing in Bangkok

Ideally, a project can take half a day, a full-day, or several days. When it comes to hiring a Thailand camera crew for half a day, it would be better to hire a crew for an entire day because your half-day’s cost will be more than half of their day rate.

The cost is high because the crew needs to compensate for lost time and money since planning for another project on the same day is impossible.

When you hire a crew for the whole day, you will have ample time to film; at the end of the day, you will have a high-quality production that will generate the best video.

For specific Video rates and pricing in Bangkok, do call our line today. We also service companies in Chiang Rai, Phayao, Lampang, and Chiang Mai.

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Bangkok camera crew prices

The camera crew comprises a team of professionals who are crucial in the production of a quality video. The type of equipment and camera gear, and also the time used in operating the resources will impact the Bangkok camera crew Prices. Let us now look at the team.

At the top is the director of photography, also known as the DP who spearheads all the departments. Camera operators operate the cameras, gaffers handle lighting the set, including other electrical units, digital image technicians or DIT control image quality.

Grips provide set safety during filming (crane operation, dollies, etc.), and swings do jobs issued by both the camera and lighting departments. Without one of these crew members, you cannot create a good video product.

Below, we have a list of averages of Bangkok camera crew pricing, such as cameramen hire costs. These rates vary, please call for pricing specific to your project:

Bangkok Production Crew Rates:

∙        Swing Day Rate: $375 to $425

∙        Sound Recordist Day Rate: $325-$725

∙        Digital Image Technician Day Rate: $525 to $775

∙        Gaffer/Key Grip Day Rate: $525 to $625

∙        Director of Photography Day Rate: $1,025 to $2,525 

∙        Camera Operator Day Rate: $275 to $525

∙        Grip/Electric Day Rate: $425 to $525

Hourly Rates for a Bangkok Camera Crew

Generally, Hourly Rates for a Bangkok Camera Crew will range anywhere from $25/hour to $300/hour. You will have to prepare a budget that includes everything from crew members, to equipment type, to additional technicians if you want to have seamless video production.

Depending on the type of project you are covering, you might need one cameraman or two cameramen working with different equipment to cover your project. Whatever your Bangkok camera crew uses will change based off of the needs of your video.

It is daunting to figure out the number of people who need to be in a camera crew, we want to help you get it right. Make a call to Beverly Boy and ask us any questions regarding your project. We are more than happy to discuss your project with you! 

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Bangkok camera crew services 

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Are you looking to hire the best Bangkok camera crew services? Beverly Boy Productions has got the right talent for your project. If you operate in Bangkok and South Thailand, you can discuss with our team on how we can work on your video project.

Our professional video production crew will help you to craft the perfect story that will build your business. Whether you want to come up with an instructional course, or TV commercial, our HD camera crew has high-quality gear that can film your shots.

There are lots of filming locations you can use to shoot your film. For instance, the Chatuchak Market, which is the largest semi-outdoor weekend market in the world, and can be a prime place for our local camera crew to cover your project. Call us today for more details.

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