Choosing the Right Miami Media Production Companies

Choosing the Right Miami Media Production Companies

Florida business owners recognize the importance of adding video to their marketing campaigns. They see the statistics, 80% of internet traffic is video-related and 80% of businesses already use video in their marketing efforts and 90% of businesses that utilize video report it provides positive ROI. They know that they need to incorporate video into their campaigns, but they’re not quite sure how to choose the right Miami media production companies for their projects. The entire process can be difficult for a business professional that isn’t fully prepared for the challenge. 

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At Beverly Boy Productions, we provide full-service media production throughout Miami. For help choosing the right Miami media production companies to work with, give us a call or follow these tips to get you on the right path.

 1. View the Portfolio

Any production company in Miami that is even remotely worth consideration for your project will have an active portfolio that is updated with their most recent clients and projects.

Reviewing the portfolio will provide you with an understanding of the production company’s skills and techniques. Do they apply to the type of project that you’re considering for your own business? 

Attractive samples in a portfolio represent a nice starting point for you to research the production company further. But don’t stop there!

2. Check Recent Client Satisfaction

Choosing the right Miami media production companies to work with will require you dig deeper than just a quick glimpse of a website or portfolio.

You’ve got to contact past clients and find out if the were satisfied with the work they received. If you’re not sure who to call, ask the production company for a list of past client references and then, pick up the phone and start dialing.

Ask them:

  • If they enjoyed working with the production company.
  • If they would work with the company again.
  • If they had any communication problems while working together.
  • What they wish they could have done better.

3. Compare Past Work to Your Concepts

What style of work are you considering for your business? Are you interested in producing testimonial videos that will help you to gain client trust?

Are you interested in producing a motion graphics corporate video that showcases what your company is all about? Think about what you want and then compare the recent work of each of the Miami media production companies on your list to your concepts.

Could you see any of these past projects being incorporated into your marketing? Does the quality and technique appear to be something that you would approve of for your own business?

It does no good hiring a production crew that specializes in commercials if you’re seeking someone with talent in case studies. Analyze talent against your own needs before choosing who to work with.

4. Discuss Project Management

The next big step in choosing the right Miami media production companies to work with is to discuss project management with each of the production crews on your list.

How will they manage your project? Will you have any say? Will the process be similar to how you would manage your own projects or something entirely different? Will communication be something that is open and easy to approach or challenging?

It’s important to choose a production crew that’s going to have a similar management style and open communication style that will work well and mesh well with your team. Otherwise there’s a good chance that you will struggle.

5. Discuss Budget, Timeline & Other Needs

As you near the final decision of choosing Miami media production companies, it’s important to discuss the budget and timeline for your project.

You need a company that can deliver your project on budget. It’s equally important for them to be able to deliver within the appropriate timeline. 

Choosing the right Miami media production companies will require you to carefully analyze the skills, qualifications, expertise, and abilities of each professional on your list.

Don’t let budget be the only deciding factor for your decision, but don’t settle for less, either!

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