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Looking for a Miami video production company? Team Beverly Boy offers top corporate & TV commercial services in Miami, FL. We’ve provided top brands with HD film crews. No one knows how to get that beautiful South Beach shot like our Miami video production crew. Team Beverly Boy knows the area like the back of their hand, helping to paint the perfect picture filming on HD cameras. You need a film crew who knows that Collins Avenue is actually State Road A1A, and driving down Ocean Drive will get you that perfect view of the city’s iconic Art Deco architecture. Let our Miami video production company help you with your next project!.

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Walmart, Uber, and Taco Bell are only some of the companies who turn to us for their corporate video needs.
They know Beverly Boy can provide the expert crew required to exceed their expectations.!

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Our clients call on us because of our quality track record, and 15 years of experience. We are willing to tackle any project, and are equipped with most up-to-date gear from top brands like Sony, Canon, RED, Arri and more.

Beverly Boy provides the ultimate customer care, ready to answer any question, anytime 24/7/365. Let’s get the ball rolling, speak with a decision maker now at 305-579-4792.

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Gas and hotel breaking the bank? Have no fear, with Beverly Boy we make sure your on-set team can rest happily in their own beds after each day of shooting, providing them comfort and you savings!

Your Magic City crew knows the area better than anyone and is well prepared for any curve-balls that may be thrown at them.

Operating locally in miami fl.for over 15 years, also find us here,,

Industry Standard Gear

From sizzle reels to music videos, big or small, we’ve done it all.
No worries, we’ll take it from here!.

Our producers are here to assist you with whatever you may need, providing creative services with the equipment necessary to make sure your production stands above the rest.

As a result, no matter the size or scale of the production, you can pass it onto us and know your project is in capable hands.

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Sit back and enjoy our productions.

We believe in approaching every project as if we are crafting a true masterpiece. So take a moment, pop some popcorn, pour a glass of your favorite beverage, sit back, and enjoy the works of Team Beverly Boy!

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