Top 5 Indianapolis Film Schools

Top 5 Indianapolis Film Schools for Aspiring Filmmakers to Consider

Indianapolis, Indiana, offers residents and visitors a unique film industry with several options for aspiring filmmakers to expand their education. To learn more about Indianapolis film schools, continue reading. The schools below offer students a sense of community and fellowship while providing Indianapolis filmmakers with one-on-one training in film techniques necessary for a career in the Indianapolis industry. Each of these schools utilizes intensive training, hands-on learning, and traditional filmmaking for a stellar film program that captivates students.

We understand the challenges you face in becoming part of the Indianapolis video production community. Proper training and support can help students prepare for careers in Indianapolis film production, media, digital arts, and visual design. Graduates that are taught core principles of filming, editing, and production generally find jobs with major film companies, news studios, and advertising agencies or choose to pursue self-employment.

1. Film Connection Indianapolis

Film Connection Indianapolis features several film programs, including film production and editing, cinematography, screenwriting, and film editing. Students develop movie ideas and then work to produce their own movie(s). In addition to the programs offered at Film Connection, several workshops are also available for students to advance their knowledge in the industry. Similar to other Indianapolis film schools, Film Connection provides unique, affordable, and fully-immersive film programs to guide students towards the next phase of a career in fine arts.


Phone: 800-600-6956


Recording Radio Film Connection & CASA Schools

Film Connection

6300 Wilshire Blvd. Suite #640

Los Angeles, CA 90048



2. Anderson University

Anderson University offers several undergraduate and graduate programs in Film Production, Cinema and Media Arts. Students learn how to write, produce, direct, edit, and perform sound design. Faculty and professionals at Anderson University are working members of the film community with lots of valuable experience to share with students. Interested students should contact and Anderson University admissions advisor.


Phone: 800-428-6414


1100 E. 5th St.

Anderson, IN 46012



3. Depauw University

Depauw University film school trains students in video, film, and related media for successful careers in motion picture, television, and digital arts. Programs are taught by expert professors with a background in all areas of film and media production. Graduates have advanced skills in problem-solving, critical thinking, intellectual and property rights, and various other necessary skills related to media production. Majors and Minors in Film Studies are available.


Phone: 765-658-4513


204 E. Seminary

Greencastle, IN 46135-0037



4. Purdue University

Purdue University offers several options like the other Indianapolis film schools previously listed. Students learn an interdisciplinary approach to film and theatre production that can prepare them for advanced careers in the industry.  Completion of the film program at Purdue University will help students obtain careers in screenwriting, independent filmmaking, production assistance, and several other areas of media.


Phone: 765-494-4600

Location: 100 North University Street

West Lafayette, IN 47907



5. Taylor University

Taylor University prepares students for advanced roles in the film community by providing film and media production majors backed by award-winning courses. Students learn skills in screenwriting, cinematography, directing, production, and editing. The filmmaking community welcomes student graduates from Taylor University as well as several other Indianapolis film schools. A unique aspect of Taylor University that several other schools cannot offer is a Christ-centered educational approach.


Phone: 765-998-5134

Location: 236 W. Reade Ave

Upland, IN 46989

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