Outdoor Video Production Companies for Safe Video Creation Post COVID

Outdoor Video Production Companies for Safe Video Creation Post COVID 

Many video production companies and crews are shifting their policies and procedures post COVID to ensure the safety of staff, crew, and customers while continuing their video production operations. Outdoor video production companies provide safe video creation for businesses post COVID. Here’s a look at what you can expect if you hire an outdoor video production crew like Beverly Boy Productions to help you create videos for your business without being cramped up inside a studio. 

Quality Video Production Doesn’t Stop 

Beverly Boy Productions has been in business for over two decades. In that time we’ve produced content both indoors and outdoors, with little thought about infection or the spread of disease. The truth is, we operated much like the rest of the world did prior to COVID-19. We had little worry about viruses, and we certainly didn’t think that it was unsafe to be in a room with other people. 

But COVID-19 changed the way that people operate inside. Despite the fact that the world slowed down, we haven’t slowed down our processes of creating top quality video production for brands large and small. We’re working diligently to produce video content that helps consumers feel more connected to the brands they know and love. 

While our production processes haven’t slowed, the indoor processes have changed. Likewise, we do our best to produce films outdoors whenever possible. Outdoor video production companies have several advantages over those operating inside when it comes to maintaining safe distances and reduce COVID risks. Whenever possible, Team Beverly Boy is committed to working outdoors for the safety of our clients and crew. 

Why Outdoor Video Production Companies are Safer 

Indoor production is still very much a great art for us, and we look forward to a time when we can produce indoors again with limited concern for the health or lack thereof of our team. For now, outdoor video production companies do have the advantage of being a little bit safer. Here’s how we’re keeping our outdoor film production safe for clients and staff: 

  • Filming from a Distance: By working outdoors we have greater distance and ability to keep our crew members 6 feet or more away from others. Our personnel aim to stay socially distant as frequently as possible. 
  • Limiting Face-to-Face Contact: Working outdoors allows us to limit our face-to-face contact with others. We currently offer a wide range of interview options and tele-meetings to accommodate customers. This is one of many ways we are working to maintain safety standards. 
  • Interviews Filmed Outside: To reduce the spread of germs, interviews are filmed outside and our camera crews will keep a distance from the interviewee to ensure limited risk of germ spread. 
  • Zoom Lenses Used: Since we’re working outdoors we are able to use Zoom lenses to produce any close-up footage that is needed without our cast or crew having to physically be close. 
  • Limited Mics: We’re using boom mics overhead to reduce the spread of germs that would otherwise occur with Lavalier mics or those that touch the body. 

Ready to hire outdoor video production companies that will work hard to produce video content that grows your business in this post COVID world? Give Beverly Boy Productions a call today!

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