Looking for basic TV commercial production, we are experts at creating memorable, and effective TV spots for your business, or service.
With over 15 years of experience we have discovered that there is an art and science to the craft of creating a memorable basic spot. Whether it be a 30 second commercial, or a 60 second commercial, we have produced 100’s of commercials since we have been in business. The key to creating a good basic TV commercial is knowing exactly what the client wants. When we are approached about creating a TV spot of this caliber, we understand that the budget is going to be marginal, and we will need to be able to work within the parameters of the client’s needs.

A basic TV commercial generally consist of still photographs, stock footage or originally taken by the client. Royalty free music, usually we are able to dig through our extensive library of music to find the right track to fit the spot. Professional voice over, we have an in-house voice over artist who voices most of our basic TV spots, however if the client is looking for something a little different, for a small fee we can bring in whatever voice type, assent, language that they desire. We can even hold a casting for the specific voice type and send them an e-mailable link that they can listen to, in ordered to select the right talent for the job.

Once a script is established and a voice over is recorded we can begin to piece the production together. Graphics and animation are also available for a basic TV commercial production. We offer a limited amount of graphics to make the spot come alive and stand apart from the competition. All of the still images will be tied together with basic motion graphics using Adobe After Effects. we can also include text animation to help pull the entire story together. After all images and assets are in place, we will include any sound effects that may be needed to tie in all of the elements. Once final music is selected and inputted, we walk away for an hour or so to clear our creative minds and prepare to come back with a fresh pair of eyes. after taking a short break we view the commercial with with a clear head and make final adjustments. After complete we upload a version for you to view online, at this point you are free to watch the commercial and let us know if you would like any adjustments.

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