Video Marketing for Small Business Post COVID

Video Marketing for Small Business Post COVID 

Video is an effective medium that is used to promote businesses and brands online and on television. Video marketing for small business can help brands to achieve their goals in a post-COVID world. In fact, despite the growing changes that have taken place around the world in the past few months, marketing hasn’t changed too dramatically. Video marketing for small business is similar now to what it was prior to COVID. It’s important, it should be a large part of your marketing budget, and it can be highly effective if you do it right. Here’s what you need to know. 

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Use Video to Encourage Local Patronage 

Small businesses can use video to help boost their local patronage. In a post-COVID world, a pressing concern for small businesses is whether customers will come in and visit their brand. Utilizing video marketing strategies to help encourage consumers to become patrons of your small business once again (or for the first time) amid the post-COVID environment should be a major part of your strategy. 

Consider the following: 

Use Video to Show Consumers Your Safety Protocols 

Consumers are worried about their health safety as are many employees. Video marketing for small business that focuses on showing consumers the safety protocols that are being used to keep them safe will help your brand. Build consumer trust by sharing video content such as: 

  • Shows the safety steps that you take when disinfecting your business. 
  • Outlines the policy that you have implemented post-COVID. 
  • Helps consumers to see how you are protecting them. 
  • Helps employees see how you are protecting them. 
  • Outlines pre-service safety tips for consumers. 

Use Video to Build Trust with Consumers 

Consumers are still very much looking for information on the products and services that they have interest in. In post-COVID America, now more than ever consumers are looking for products and services that they know they can trust. Video marketing for small business should focus on helping to boost that trust with consumers just like you worked to build trust prior to COVID-19. Consider the following: 

  • Customer testimonial videos that share genuine product reviews. 
  • Customer testimonial videos that showcase genuine satisfaction. 
  • Employee testimonial videos that share satisfied staff members. 
  • Corporate Culture videos that share the internal workings of your brand. 
  • Relationship building videos that help consumers to feel more connected with your brand. 

Video marketing for small business in the post-COVID world represents a unique opportunity that brands can benefit from. Even businesses that had no video marketing strategy prior to COVID should consider video content in this post-COVID world. Video has the power to encourage consumer patronage to your local business, build consumer trust between your brand, and boost your brand value. Call Beverly Boy Productions to learn more about video marketing for small business in a post-COVID world.

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