Top Video Marketing Ideas for Small Business

Top Video Marketing Ideas for Small Business 

Small businesses benefit in a variety of ways when they utilize video content. Videos can make a website appear more professional and will help you to rank higher in Google Search. They are also proven to increase trust among consumers that may be interested in purchasing your products or services. While there’s no doubt that video marketing is of value for small businesses, many struggle to determine what they should create video content about. If this sounds like you, checkout these video marketing ideas for small business owners. 

Make Your Employees the Stars 

One of the best ways for a small business to market itself is in putting employees in front of the camera to showcase their values, vision, expertise, and thoughts. Consider creating “A day in the life” videos that showcase how an employee operates in your business, what it’s like to run a particular project, or how a department works. Another idea that would be great for a small business is to capture employee testimonials. Have employees speak on camera about why they love working for the small business. These video marketing ideas for small business will help consumers to feel more connected to your brand through your employees. 

Make Your Customers the Stars 

Just as you can make employees the star of your small business video show, you can also make your customers the star of your small business videos! Several options exist when creating marketing videos for small businesses that feature employees as the stars. Consider the following video marketing ideas for small business: 

Customer testimonials that share true accounts of satisfied customers are a great way for you to build trust for your brand. User generated videos, such as those that you collect when you ask users to submit their thoughts or ideas via video for a contest or survey can be a priceless addition to your marketing mix. 

Make Your Events the Star 

Are you hosting a corporate event or attending an event? One of the best marketing ideas for small business revolves around the use of video content to showcase events or to bring in customers by creating videos that highlight corporate announcements. Consider broadcasting your event live for maximum marketing exposure for your small business! 

Additional Video Marketing Ideas for Small Business 

The previous ideas for your small business will surely get you moving in the right direction with video content but there are many other opportunities to create videos for your brand. Consider live streaming your next small business meeting or turning a podcast into a video. You can create social media videos, teaser videos, product demonstrations, explainer videos and FAQ videos to help consumers better understand your products or services more accurately. In the end, these video marketing ideas for small business will help you connect with your consumers & your employees, grow your brand, and generate more sales.

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