Tips for Repurposing Old Video Content into New Marketing Material

Repurposing old video content is one option you have to produce new marketing material in a flash. In fact, repurposing video content saves time and money when you need a way to come up with something fresh and new but are limited on resources. But what can you really do with all those old videos that you have on your website? Can they really be turned into powerful marketing material that will drive sales? Absolutely! We’ll show you how!

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Videos Turned Blog Post

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Do you have a video that has performed exceptionally well for you over the years? Perhaps it’s a how-to or a detailed guide on your product or service that viewers just can’t seem to get enough of. Whatever it is, repurposing old videos that have performed well into blog posts adds a layer of opportunity for your business. With written content, you have the power to reach an entirely new audience that may not have seen your video. Including the video in the blog post provides an added SEO benefit as you will see improved rankings for the page once you have both the written content and the video housed in the same location.

Why are videos that are repurposed into blog posts so effective? Because Google can’t read video. Google has very little way of knowing exactly what your video is about unless you transcribe it. However, when your video is on a page with a written blog post that describes the video in full detail, now Google has a much better idea of what the video might be about. The result–both the video and the blog post will rank well in search engines.

Videos that are repurposed into blog posts don’t have to be just a written overview of the original video though. There are many ways that you can repurpose videos into blog posts for your site. Consider the following ideas:

● Write a how-to post or educational post about an explainer video.
● Create an eBook out of the content from a long video guide.
● Produce a Q&A style post from an interview video.
● Produce an FAQ page from safety videos.
● Create an “About us” or “Our Story” page from corporate videos that feature the CEO or other executive team members.

Refresh Old Videos into Something New

Another option you have when producing marketing material is to take an old marketing video and repurpose it for a new campaign by refreshing it and adding something new. Updating video content in this way will save you an extensive amount of time and money versus creating completely new videos for a marketing campaign. And, if the previous video content was useful and engaging to your audience, why not repurpose it and use it again?

Refresh old videos to update for new marketing material in the following ways:

● Change product shots out for new or updated products to highlight new features or elements.
● Update statistics or important facts relative to an older explainer video to shine new light on the subject.
● Change the intro of a video where there are additional elements to discuss and consider using just certain clips from the original video to support the new idea.
● Replace interviews with new team members into corporate culture videos where key organization members have moved on.
● Change out the call-to-action on a video that otherwise has powerful marketing content for a campaign in which you’re just changing the desired customer response.

Make Short Marketing Clips from Old Video Content

Another option you have in repurposing old video content into something fresh and new is to create short video clips for a new marketing campaign out of the old videos that you have already created. Instead of starting over with new video content, consider repurposing the existing content and using clips to produce a new video for your campaign.

There are many ways to repurpose old video into shorter marketing clips. Consider the following:

● Create short clips from a longer marketing video. Grab clips for each social media page from a single video. This way you will get several videos from a single production.
● Use shortened clips from a corporate video to produce a company culture video or a behind-the-scenes look at what it’s like in the office.
● Grab clips from various customer testimonial videos to produce a single customer testimonial slideshow that showcases how valuable your business or brand is to clients.
● Repurpose webinar clips for use on your website, or in social media to draw attention. Many options exist here.
● Combine video clips from past marketing content to produce a new, long-form video that includes a narrator discussing important facts or figures relative to the content.

Ready to repurpose your old video content into something magical and new? Give Beverly Boy Productions a call to discuss video editing services that may be of use to you. We’ll help you repurpose your old videos into powerful marketing materials that will drive new growth for your business.

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