Do People Really Do Video Interviews & Testimonials for Businesses?

As a business owner, you probably already know how important customer testimonials are for your brand. You may have even considered the idea of conducting video interviews with your most satisfied customers or clients as part of sharing them in case study format to represent your brand. However, if you’ve ever tried to get customer testimonials in video from your past clients, you’re probably wondering, “Do People Really Do Video Interviews and testimonials for business owners,” or is this just something that is talked about on social media but not actually followed through with?

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At Beverly Boy Productions clients often ask us this question, “Do People Really Do Video Interviews?” And what they’re really wondering is whether or not it is truly possible to get people to provide video interviews that they can share as part of their own customer testimonials and case studies representing their brands. The answer that we like to provide is, “Of course people really do video interviews, but they’re not always easy to get!”

How to Get Customers to Do Video Interviews

If you’re trying to figure out how you can approach the situation so that you can get people to do video interviews for your brand, you’re probably not alone! Customers have different feelings about how they share their likes and dislikes online and as a business owner, if you expect a customer to share their video testimony in response to your brand, you’re going to have to figure out how to get your customers to speak up. Learning how to get customers to do video interviews is key, but how?

Before you attempt to get video interviews from your customers, it’s important to build a relationship. You don’t want customers to run away thinking that you’re that crazy brand or business owner that’s going to ask them to share their thoughts the day after they’ve made a purchase from your brand! For this reason, you need to wait a long time before you ask for a video interview – like months, maybe even years in some cases.

Ask the Right Customers

If you’re finding yourself asking, “Do People Really Do Video Interviews?” chances are you’ve been seeking video interviews from the wrong customers or clients. Asking the right customers for a testimonial or interview as a part of a case study video is essential to the process. Ask the wrong customer, especially a customer that is new, and they might run off in the other direction in which case not only do you lose a customer, but you lose an ambassador too!

How will you know it’s the right customer to ask for a video interview? Consider the following:

  • Only ask customers that have been with your brand for a while.
  • Make sure that you only ask a customer that you have a strong personal relationship with.
  • Never ask a customer that hasn’t had great success with your brand.
  • Consider asking customers that have been repeat clients.
  • Before you ask the customer, make sure you explain what’s in it for them.

Customers, even those that love your brand, are going to wonder what value they will get out of deciding to give you their time for an interview? You need to be fully prepared to provide any customer that you ask about an interview with details on WHY they should give you their time? Consider:

  • Making sure that the customer knows that sharing their testimony or interview is going to help you and tell them how/
  • Make sure that you tell the customer you value their time and show them by making sure not to take up too much time with an interview. 10-15 minutes is all it should take. Anything more and you risk customer backlash.
  • Make sure that you explain to the customer how the interview will help others, not just you.
  • Show your customer why testimonials or interviews are valuable.

These are just some key areas to consider if you expect people to really do an interview with your business or brand.

Make the Process Simple

Do People Really Do Video Interviews? That depends largely on how simplified you can make the process for your customers? If you ask your customer for an interview, be prepared to provide the following:

  • A simple, streamlined process to collect the interview video.
  • A simple outlined instruction that your customer can review in 30-seconds.
  • Details on what you expect as part of the interview including any questions that you intend to ask.
  • Details on where, when, and how the interview will be used as well as an opportunity for your customer to state any distribution model they do not wish their interview to be a part of.

If you can manage to make capturing a customer interview a process that takes about 10 minutes, is very easy and very painless for your customer, you’ll find pretty quickly that people will be more interested or willing to engage and to entertain the idea of providing an interview for you.

So, Do People Really Do Video Interviews for business owners? Yes, they do, but only when the interviews are fast, easy, convenient, and when the customer understands the purpose.

Want more tips on achieving a fast, easy, convenient and effective interview process? Give Beverly Boy Productions a call.


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