Top 10 Options For Great New York Camera Rentals

Are you searching for the best options for New York camera rentals to use in your next production project in the Big Apple? You may like the list we’ve compiled of some of the best choices in the city. Camera rental houses in New York are in high demand these days. This could be due to the spike in projects for social media video and online marketing happening and thus leading to Ad agencies, Networks and video production companies alike tapping into the New York market to rent camera gear for their shoots. 

So, if you’re looking to rent a full GandE package, or a simple 4k camera rental, or just a dolly or steady cam to capture quality footage, this list of top camera rental houses should be a great start for you. Some even have options for having specialized filming gear shipped to you like a RED Monstro 8k or Insta360 II Spherical VR 360 camera. There are plenty of options out there and we’ve compiled some of our favorites in a list for easy access.

1. CSI Rentals

With 25 years of experience, CSI rentals offers both the equipment and reputation that can be relied on for your project. They also offer some pretty great packages for those “shopping” on a budget, so you can have your pick of high-end equipment for a fair price.

2. Adorama Rentals

If there is one thing that Adorama Rentals stands out for, it’s their plethora of options available. From lenses to tripods, audio recorders, and so much more, they are well-equipped for your equipment needs. They also have an easy-to-use method of renting the equipment that is fast and easy and reliable.

3. Focus Gear

This top camera rental house in Manhattan offers plenty of options for your project, so you can be sure to be able to use the best of the best at Focus Gear. They make it easy for clients to get what they need, making this company a joy to work with for any project.

4. Duall Camera

Want vintage lenses? This rental shop has them for rent. Camera repairs? They also do that. From a classy RED Helium PL/EF 8k to the Canon C300 mkll PL/EF 4k, this New York shop makes it easy for you to use the best gear for a high-end project.

5. New York City Camera Co.

Whether you’re in town or far away, New York City Camera Co. is an option that offers both local rentals as well as international ones. They are especially big on the spherical and anamorphic lenses, and have a huge variety of digital cameras from brands like Sony, ALEXA, and Amira.

New York, a wonderful city for when you want to rent camera gear for your video project

Top New York Video Production

Top New York Video Production

The city of New York has some pretty iconic locations that would look amazing in your film project. Take the Statue of Liberty, one of the most iconic landmarks in the country, dating back to 1884. New York also offers great locations to feed your camera crew once filming is complete, like Le Bernardin. New York, New York is very film friendly so don’t be afraid to contact your local New York film office for details on permits and local accessibility. This article will have some information for you to be able to get a head-start on finding the best New York camera rentals.

6. Production Junction

What’s cool about Production Junction is how they offer customized packages that have everything you need for your specific production needs. Whereas some places offer a “one-size, fits all” kind of deal, this rental shop makes it easy for you to capture footage the way that you want to.

7. Scheimplfug

Have the cameras but need accessories for them? Scheimplfug has them. Want to use LED litemats for a unique shoot? They also carry the best of the best. Basically, anything you may ever want for your shoot can be found at this trendy New York camera rental shop, and at great prices as well.

8. Pro Cam New York

If location were everything, this shop would win hands down thanks to their great location in the heart of Manhattan. Of course, they also capture our attention thanks to their kits and tricks. Their website is set up in such a way that it makes it easy for you to pick out the gear you need, as quick as possible.

9. LVR

Quality, options, and creative packages are the name of the game at LVR. If you’re looking for top-quality and affordability for your project, they offer accessible packages and pricing. They also have shops in both Brooklyn and Manhattan, making it easy for you to pickup the gear you need, when you need it.

10. TCS Film

As one of the oldest New York camera rental shops in town, you can be sure to get what you need at this shop. From great cameras to top-of-the-line lenses, TCS Film has the options you could want for any type of project. They’ve had the equipment behind some of the best documentaries and TV show productions for the past few decades.

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