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Public schools are impacted by a variety of economic indicators but not in the way that a private school would be. Instead of public schools losing students when the economy struggles, they tend to gain students at this time, and instead of struggling to grow during hard economic times, public schools tend to increase their classrooms, and achieve higher than normal enrollment numbers during periods of lower economic certainty. This is largely because public schools are funded through taxpayer contributions & various government grants or local funding practices, which means that when per capita income goes up, contributions to public schools can also go up. Video Production for Public Schools is more focused on building community awareness around important events & educational programs than around enrollment.

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The public school industry is an $867 billion dollar industry that consists of more than 99K primary & secondary schools across the country providing education in grades K-12. The public school system employs more than 6.8M people including educators, staff, nurses, bookkeepers, and various support professionals. These schools use government funding to provide completely free education to students through graduation in 12th grade.

Beverly Boy Productions provides many expert video production services for public schools including marketing videos, video training, advertising, and the production of expert videos which showcase the unique mission, voice, and key forces behind professional educators working in science, mathematics, English, history, geography and various other competitive subjects important to a well-rounded education.

Promotional Videos for Public Schools


Promoting public school programs is a task that is mostly reserved for private schools and for institutions that have various other alternative funding sources. However, promotional Video Production for Public Schools can take place, particularly when it comes to promoting events, upcoming school calendar dates, or requirements that the public school system expects parents to be aware of. For instance:

• The start of a new school year.
• The end of the school year.
• What to bring to school.
• Parent teacher conference periods.
• Break periods & vacation times.

Most public school systems are going to promote these key events as they pertain to their school in order to mitigate any abrupt confusion from parents who may not actively engage in communication between teachers or other members of the school system.

Marketing Videos for Public Schools

Marketing Video Production for Public Schools includes a wide range of expert content creation that targets parents, teachers, staff, and community members with insightful content that shares the mission, activities, and key concepts behind growing the school & providing exceptional education to students. Marketing videos are incredibly powerful and can have many benefits for public school systems including:

• Increased community connections.
• Improved emotional connection between the school & students and their families.
• Improved reach for the school on social media.
• Increased conversions for schools.

Consumers retain significantly more of the messaging that is delivered through video, and video is easier to understand than written material which is why many public school systems utilize video to share messages, data, and important decisions with parents, students & the community.

Training Videos for Public Schools

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As a public school system, you’re going to have a lot of employees that come and go, especially with each new school year. Training videos are essential to providing optimal education and support to new hires during onboarding and initial training when they come to your school, and can save you time & resources.

Training Video Production for Public Schools will:

• Improve employee productivity.
• Reduce total training time.
• Increase conceptual understanding of training topics.
• Improve training outcomes.
• Make training more accessible for all.

Another great advantage to training videos for your school is that you can use them again and again to train your team anywhere, anytime.

Interview Videos for Public Schools

As a public school system, you’re going to face challenges in communicating with parents, teachers and students at times. You need the community to trust in your decision-making efforts as a school and in the educational services that you provide. Interview videos, especially expert interviews that provide niche-specific insights into your educational programs, experience, and expertise as well as your commitment to the community and the children can help.

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Ask Team Beverly Boy about the various types of video that can be used to grow your public school audience and generate consistent satisfaction among your students, parents, and staff. We have many types of expert Video Production for Public Schools that can help you achieve your goals with students, with parents & teachers, and with your staff.

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