Top 10 Things to Look for When Hiring a Camera Crew in Buenos Aires

At Beverly Boy Productions, our clients call us when they need a camera crew in Buenos Aires. We know the city’s beautiful history, the wonderful sites to see and film, and the natural locations that lend themselves to beautiful and tranquil scenes on film. When you are ready to hire a videographer in Buenos Aires, call us!

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  1. HistoryCamera Crew in Buenos Aires

The city of Buenos Aires was founded twice, so it has two distinct historical timelines that blend together to create an interesting location. It was first founded in 1536 by a Spanish expedition, but local Native tribes took over and it would be another 50 years before a new expedition was led back to the city. For almost 200 years, this beautiful city grew, but not quickly as it was not given permission to do much trading, so it was seen as unimportant. Instead of collapsing under neglect from its government, Buenos Aires instead found new ways to thrive- with settlements and trading from other areas in the region- and it grew to become a cultural and diverse hub of activity that make for great filming. When you book a camera crew in Buenos Aires, take your time and enjoy the city, but also know that you are in a fantastic area for filming.

  1. ClimateCamera Crew in Buenos Aires

When you look for camera crews for hire, ask them to help you schedule out your filming dates based on the weather you want to see in your films. Any film crew who knows the area should know what to do! In Buenos Aires, the weather changes with the seasons, with winters being cold with milder days and colder nights. Summers are warmer and there can be a lot of rainfall in Spring through summer, so pick your filming dates wisely!

  1. PermitsCamera Crew in Buenos Aires

If you want to film in Buenos Aires, you must have a permit if your film will disrupt traffic or pedestrians. If not, they are not required, but you won’t always know what your crew needs for a shot, so why not find a film crew in Buenos Aires that can do the permitting for you? It will make everything easier and faster on your end. Besides, you need insurance for your crew and all permitting paperwork is in Spanish, so if you don’t speak Spanish or don’t know how to show your crew’s insurance paperwork, leave it up to the film crew to handle it all for you.

  1. Casa RosadaCamera Crew in Buenos Aires

This is an extremely important place in Buenos Aires and even if you don’t film here, you should still see where the president of Argentina conducts business. Casa Rosada is a place for protests, speeches, pigeon feeding, and people watching and you can learn a lot about how the people of this city live and work by being here.

  1. San Telmo MarketCamera Crew in Buenos Aires

If you want to do some shopping and filming at the same time, you can add some of the authentic flare of Buenos Aires by visiting San Telmo Market. This colorful street fair takes place on Sundays and gets crowded, fast, but you can get wonderful shots of the people in this city with the right camera crew in Buenos Aires. It draws over 12,000 people each week and features 270 stalls, so don’t miss it!

  1. FoodCamera Crew in Buenos Aires

You have spent time wandering the city, filming, shopping, and taking it all in- now it’s time to eat! Check out these incredible places to feed your body and soul while you enjoy your stay n beautiful Buenos Aires.
A. Los Galgos. Located in downtown among the other famous bars and cafes, Los Galgos has been a meeting point since it first opened in the 1930s. It closed, for a brief time, after 90 years in business, but was brought back with a modern twist while still remaining true to its roots. The food here is delicious!
B. La Cocina. Sometimes, you need quick food that fills you up and makes you happy you stopped by, and that is what you find at La Cocina, so don’t hesitate to grab an empanada to go, or some stew if it is cool or rainy out.
C. Chila. If you want fine dining in a modern setting, this is the place to try, but you will need a reservation, as lines wind out the door to get a seat here. Listed as one of the only Relais & Châteaux restaurants in Buenos Aires, Chila features dishes like smoked eggplant with criolla sauce and llama jerky or Patagonian toothfish smothered in oyster sauce and pomegranate. Here, you get a visual experience with food that will make your taste buds dance.


  1. Botanical GardenCamera Crew in Buenos Aires

You can relax and add nature to your video production in Buenos Aires by visiting the Botanical Garden. Interview some incredible people, take shots of the peaceful butterfly hall, a 100-year-old greenhouse, fountains, a small lake, and an herbal garden.

  1. Teatro ColonCamera Crew in Buenos Aires

The Teatro Colón, built in 1908, is considered one of the ten best opera houses in the world, according to National Geographic, and is considered one of the best five concert venues in the world. You can film some wonderful interviews here! Or even snag B Roll of the incredible architecture with a talented camera crew in Buenos Aires.

  1. The Museum of Fine Arts in Bueno AiresCamera Crew in Buenos Aires

The Museum of Fine Arts in Buenos Aires is one of the best in the world and features works by  Van Gogh, Degas, Monet, and Picasso. The best part? It’s free to visit! When you want to add some art to your film, hire a camera crew in Buenos Aires for a day and head on over.

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  1. Recoleta CemeteryCamera Crew in Buenos Aires

The rich and famous made this cemetery their final resting place in Buenos Aires, and you can film it. This cemetery is full of ornate mausoleums and you can spend hours walking the maze of graves. It may seem morbid, but understand that the Aregentian people have a different relationship with death and this is a respected place where people visit loved ones, so hire a cameraman and film the tributes to the dead.

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