23 Places to Find a Local Videographer in Los Angeles

23 Places to Find a Local Videographer in Los Angeles

Are you looking to find a local videographer in Los Angeles? It may seem overwhelming but there are numerous places where you can find HD videographers in Los Angeles that can provide the support you need for your company. Whether you’re looking to hire a Los Angeles videographer to help you with a short-term project or a large-scale one, this is a list of places where you can find local Los Angeles videographers who offer services across the area of Southern California. 

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How Do I Find a Local Videographer in Los Angeles?

Finding and hiring a local videographers in California that can assist you with everything! From the production of compelling marketing videos to the creation of customer testimonials.

Product demos, tutorials, or even the creation of a documentary or live event is all about where you look.

professional Los Angeles videographer brings experience, equipment, dedication and professionalism to your project. It certainly pays to hire a pro!

But finding a professional videographer with the skills, resources, equipment, and professional processes in place that are an ideal fit for your business can be challenging.

We’ve Got You Covered!

Whether you want an ENG or EFP crew in 90402, camera operator to guide you to the most interesting shops in Los Angeles County.

Or even a multi-day shoot filming a live stream in Viper Room/Sunset Boulevard you need to know where to go to find the pros!

That’s why we’ve put together this top list of places to find a local videographers in Los Angeles to help you get going on your next project. Let’s GO! 

1. Beverly Boy Productions

BBP camera crew 1-10

We will highlight a number of top-notch options. But first, let’s get started with Team Beverly Boy! Simply because we have what it takes as an industry leader.

And our team is thrilled to provide quality services every single day day! Beverly Boy Productions takes the guesswork out of hiring a Los Angeles videographer.

With years in the industry, we offer the most reliable local Los Angeles film crews that know Los Angeles more than most locals. They will always do the job right every time. 

Simply call our office to get in touch with our producers so we can offer the most perfect videographer suited specifically for your production needs. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

2. Reddit for Hire

Reddit, a popular forum that has everything from social news aggregation to open debates including topics that range from film to what you ate for lunch yesterday even has a “for hire” section.

Searching for Los Angeles videographers on Reddit For Hire is as easy as starting a thread about the project you want to create and waiting for candidates to start talking.

There are more than 52 million users on Reddit so you can imagine how easy it is to find the perfect videography services that suit your project vision. 


At People Per Hour, seeking a Los Angeles videographer that can work on your project for an hourly rate is simple. Those who want to buy post their project while they wait for freelancers to start bidding.

The more you say about your project post, the better fit you’ll find. People Per Hour’s artificial intelligence helps you find the best freelancers for the project needs you have!

So that you find top professionals to submit uniquely tailored proposals for your production. Choose the Los Angeles freelancer you think is ideal for your project and get started.

You won’t pay the final bill until you’re happy with the work. 

4. Facebook

Facebook is a top place to search for local videographers that can assist you with your project.

Consider the world’s biggest social media platform as a great way to start looking for and connecting with the best local videographers near you.

With more than 2.85B active users all over the world, finding a video crew in Los Angeles, California, is as simple as searching and posting.

Use Facebook Marketplace to help you get a look at the local businesses dive and freelancers that are offering videography services that work for your needs.

You can find it all on the most used social platform, Facebook!

5. Personal Recommendations

Word of mouth promoting is truly one of the best ways to find local videographers near me.

In fact, personal recommendations have several benefits that go beyond just finding places where you can source a Los Angeles videographer.

For instance, connecting with business owners or your local acquaintances concerning video projects that they’ve recently produced and who they worked with can make it easy for you when searching for and choosing a videographer who has the abilities you’re looking for.

This will help you save time that would otherwise be spent sift through and weeding out videographers that may not be as talented as you want.

How much Does it Cost to Hire a Freelance Videographer?

6. is a site specifically designed for the purpose of providing a list of videographers in Los Angeles and connecting media professionals to company owners who need them.

With professional videographers from the U.S. and Canada listed on the website, it’s so easy to find local provider here.

This industry-specific platform answers any questions you have in finding Los Angeles videographers.

Simply choose the state, then type in Los Angeles and you’ll find a plethora of options available for you right away.


A worldwide platform that is made for connecting those in the industry of video production, is an ideal starting point when searching for a videographer in your area.

The Mandy Network features a huge community of industry professionals. Which includes professionals, actors, videographers, and more in the realm of production.

Connect with all kinds of creatives, who are ready and available to get started on your project in one of the world’s biggest entertainment industry regions.

8. Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce

The Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce can help you connect with top industry professionals including videographers and a variety of other service providers.

Get in touch with the chamber and simply ask if they can help you go in the right direction.

Many local videographers have their companies listed with the Chamber of Commerce simplifying things for locals to find the resources that they need most!

9. Upwork

Upwork offers 145K active clients and has more than 14M total users that span more than 180 countries worldwide.

It’s the best place to find a local videographer for various projects and styles. Buyers have a variety of possibilities to choose from.

They can upload their project and wait for freelancers to bid or they can pick and choose from all kinds of freelancers to request a bid that’s designed for their project.

Because Upwork is a worldwide platform you can find a Los Angeles videographer that’s great for your project needs regardless of wherever you may be. 

10. Craigslist

Although it’s not the best source, you can actually find some great talent on Craigslist. The platform has Los Angeles specific “pages” and almost any city can be found on the site across the U.S.

Where users simply post jobs or advertisements on the site. You can definitely find videographers in Los Angeles on this resource that is free to access and use.

11. LinkedIn

A networking site that showcases a variety of worldwide businesses and freelancers, as well as professionals spanning several industries.

LinkedIn is a top place to book a Los Angeles videographer that can help you with your filmmaking needs. You can easily grow connections with area videographers.

Choose the ones you think best fit your project. On LinkedIn you’ll find that it’s actually fun and effective to use the website for building business relationships.

12. Instagram

instagram logo on phone

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A social network with people from across the globe Instagram is a great option for finding a local videographer mostly because it’s easy for users to showcase their skills.

Check portfolios, engage with users, and find freelancers that are looking for the next big opportunity with your company.

Use hashtags like #LosAngelesvideographer, #LosAngelescameracrew, #setlife, to find profiles that offer videography services in Los Angeles.

With more than 1B monthly active users, Instagram is popular in India, the U.S. and several other countries.

13. Gigsalad

An event planning platform that offers full-service booking for all kinds of providers, from videographers to entertainers.

Gigsalad has real businesses and users that all want to find top-notch opportunities.

Find a local videographer in Los Angeles that’s skilled in all kinds of projects and film production and you’ll also find many service providers for more needs on this full-feature gig site.


Designed for freelancers as the name would suggest, is an Australian marketplace that reach from places like London to Vancouver, and all over the globe. 

Freelancer was created in 2009 and currently boasts of more than 20M users worldwide.

As a crowdsourcing marketplace for users that with skills from videography and film editing to animation, graphic design, special effects and more, there are plenty of positions you can find to hire on this site.


Finding and hiring Los Angeles videographers on is super simple and best of all, free.

A search engine designed for connecting sellers with those looking to buy/hire, if you’re in the market for a local videographer?

You just need to do a quick location search and you’ll connect with the professional videography services that are perfect for your company.

16. BNI Business Network International

A global network of professional, BNI is an American franchised networking organization that has over 270K members and more than 10K chapters that can be found in more than 70 countries across the globe.

To Find a Local Videographer through BNI is as simple as looking joining the thousands of people online and connecting to join.  

17. The Knot 

Finding event videographers in Los Angeles on The Knot is simple.

Designed primarily for weddings, there is opportunity to look for local talent that could have the skills and resources to provide all kinds of video content for your brand and business.

The Knot could be your go-to source for videographers nationwide as you look for local vendors that provide location venues and a number of services as well.

18. Wedding Wire 

The Wedding Wire is kind of like The Knot because it’s also designed mostly for weddings, but it has a variety of vendors and freelancers in the realm of video production videography.

Connect with a local wedding videographer on this site so that you can get some great footage for your event, wherever it may take place in the region.


A job search engine that counts on local videographers that work in everything from corporate filmmaking to live events. 

Simply Hired is a great place to go when you need an expert in some realm of the film industry.

You can post the job at no cost, and you’ll find a plethora of vendors and professional videographers from Los Angeles will be applying for the job. 

20. LocalGrapher

One of the best places to find a Los Angeles videographer, Localgrapher is a great search engine for local photographers, videographers, and cinematographers with expertise in the industry.

You’ll meet creatives with all kinds of skills available to provide service in more than 800 locations worldwide.

Let a local videographer work their magic so you can focus entirely on your business!


At planning an event is so simple. Eventective features a listing of Los Angeles videographers, and several event professionals are included in the database that include venues and service providers.

So if you need to find a venue or check out Los Angeles videographer pricing, reviews and more, it is easy to do. Using this site is as simple as sending an email or calling.

You can easily plan a meeting, business conference, party, or even large gatherings because you can find everything you need right here. 


Finding the videographer that you need on Thumbtack is as simple as picking your zip code and selecting a service.

Thumbtack showcases more than 250K professionals in various industries including a number of videography services in California.

Such as video production and editing, and more than 25 million customers.

You can find out what a videographer’s hourly rates are, what they specialize in, and how many Thumbtack clients they actually have before you get started.


A website designed for an online network of media professionals.

Media Match features a videography database of over 161K media experts and more than 100K media companies all available for projects.

Connect with the right professional for your needs on Media-Match that reaches around the world, from Rio de Janeiro to Los Angeles. 

Find a Local Videographer in Los Angeles is easy, and so is staying on top of the local industry news with

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