Videography 101: Shooting Wedding Video Tips

Even though Beverly Boy Productions doesn’t film weddings, we are happy to share freelance videography tips that may help up and coming wedding videographers. A wedding is one of the most important events of a person’s life and capturing the finest details is essential to keeping those memories alive. That’s why a videographer’s job is one of the most important on someone’s big day, and shooting a wedding video needs to be absolutely spot on.

wedding videography

If this is your first event, here are a few tips to help you capture a breathtaking wedding:

1.       Be Ready to be on the Move

You want to make sure that you’ve captured every little detail from the very beginning and are ready to follow the bride and groom around from the ceremony to the reception and after-party. That’s why it is a good idea to hire a charter bus to keep all your gear and have easy access to anything you might need. It will also allow you to follow the beautiful couple around and capture the finest moments as they happen instantly.

2.       Be Thorough

There will be a lot going on during the wedding, even before it starts. Having a camera rolling while the preparations are ongoing will give you excellent content, that will really help you put together a superb wedding video. The behind-the-scenes moments are sometimes even more important than the actual wedding, adding an extra touch and heartwarming sights.

3.       Have More than One Camera Rolling

When the bride is walking down the aisle, the most emotions come from the groom who is situated on the opposite side of the camera. While capturing the important events that surround the bride and groom are necessary, the couple would also like to see the audience and how they reacted or what they were doing during the wedding as well. Having more than one camera rolling at a time will allow different footage to be captured.

4.       Lighting

Make sure that there is adequate lighting in the area you’ll be shooting to guarantee that the shots you capture look great. If it happens to be too dark, bring along a lighting source to ensure that your video is absolutely perfect. Lighting can help add a more cozy and natural vibe to the overall wedding and create the perfect setting.

5.   Sound

There’s no point in having great shots if the sound is just going to mess it up. You want to ensure that you’re using noise reduction gear to eliminate the unnecessary background sounds but still have the music, the vows nice and clear. Using the right gear can help guarantee that you have everything under control and just leave the rest to your talent.

When capturing footage from different aspects of the wedding, putting them together in a creative way will leave the happy couple truly amazed. They’ll get to see behind the scenes footage that they haven’t encountered before and get the opportunity to focus on the audience for a change. During the wedding, both the bride and the groom are so distracted and overwhelmed that they don’t even realize who actually attended the wedding or how the audience was reacting, and getting to see it on tape will be heartwarming and special.

While cost is a factor for some, having one of the most memorable days of someone’s life recorded, kept, and saved, gives the real importance of wedding videos.

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