Where to Host Videos for Your Business

Determining where to host videos that you create for your business is about more than just picking a platform and running with it. In fact, in our other posts we’ve discussed the importance of being picky with your platform because of the influence that your video host will have on the success of your content. So, if you’re considering a video series or library and wondering where to host videos for your business, consider the following options:

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1. YouTube

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Probably the first video hosting platform that comes to mind for most businesses is YouTube.

This is certainly the largest video sharing website and features the most users, but that doesn’t always mean that YouTube is the best option for your brand or that all of your videos should be hosted online at YouTube.

Before you decide on YouTube, make sure that you’re aware of the terms of service, the individual guidelines and specifications, and the pros and cons of hosting on YouTube’s platform.

2. DailyMotion

Another common video Host, Dailymotion is home to many videos and subscribers, but this hardly means its the best host for you.

As you consider hosting a video on Dailymotion, keep in mind that this free unlimited video hosting site will not allow files as large as YouTube and you will not be able to download your videos without the use of third-party software.

If these are non-negotiable for you, this may not be the ideal place to host videos for your business.

3. Vimeo

We talk about Video video hosting a lot as we consider the various places to host videos online.

Vimeo features a collaboration of video hosting that is geared toward professionals and features human curation for a wide audience.

This platform stands out for creative professionals and is ideal for shorter films, animations, and indie music videos.

4. Facebook

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If you’re absolutely not sure where to host videos for your business, you’re probably going to steer in the direction of YouTube first and Facebook or other social medial platforms such as LinkedIn second.

Why? Well, for one, Facebook is comparable in size to YouTube. But also, sharing videos on Facebook is easy.

Unfortunately, while video hosting on Facebook is free and billions of hours of video are watched on the platform, there are also ads and the quality cap is much lower than other hosting options.

Keep this in mind as you choose where to host videos for your brand.

In the end, figuring out where to host videos for your business is really about you and your needs.

What do you wish to accomplish with your video? What steps can you take now to achieve success later on? How will your host impact your success?

These are all the considerations that you should be making as you pick and choose where to host videos for your brand.

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