5 Ways to Use Video Content to Generate New Customers

Videos are a growing medium used in a wide variety of business practices. In fact, the majority of internet users say they turn to video to learn how to perform various tasks or what they need to know about various topics. Most would say that they are more inclined to watch a video than they are to read a text document. So, if you’re not already using video to generate new customers, you’re missing out! These are 5 ways that video content can help you generate new customers.

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1. Video Builds Trust

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Videos that tell “About Us” or that share the history of your brand or some other key details of your business help to build trust among consumers. These forms of video content personalize your brand and add a human element, especially where an internet brand is concerned and there is a lack of brick and mortar storefront to build the reputation among consumers.

The fact is, consumers judge businesses by what they see and hear about the brand. So, if you show them quality video content that tells your story, they’ll judge that. But, if you let them see or hear what others have to say or not to say, they may have far less to work with and therefore, devise far less trust in the brand.

2. Videos Show How Brands Solve Problems

Does your product or service solve a very specific problem that many of your target customers have? Showing consumers how your brand solves problems will help you to generate more customers.

In fact, chances are quite strong that other prospective customers are looking for a way to solve this same problem and, if they find your video, they’ll instantly put two and two together to determine that your product or service is the right choice for their needs.

3. Videos Prove Facts

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Does your product or service outshine the competition? Can you prove it visually? Maybe you know that your blender crushes ice faster than the competition. Why not create a video that shows both, your blender and the competitor blender, side-by-side in an ice crushing test?

If the proof is in the pudding, why not share video proof with prospective customers? These types of videos help you to build stronger awareness of the potential for your product or service to outshine the competition and provide value to the consumer. Ultimately, more consumers will have interest in your brand if you can show them hard evidence of your value.

4. Videos Highlight Products

Reach more consumers with short product promotions that show the consumer what you have to offer. You’ll generate more customers because you’ll reach a wider audience than you can with text alone.

In fact, showing the consumer what it is exactly that your product or service can do will both build a sense of awareness and a sense of trust in the capabilities of your brand. In time, the choice will be simple for the consumer.

5. Video Comparisons Guide Decision Making

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Finally, if you have two products or services that each have their own benefits and values, videos can be used to guide the decision making process of the consumer from one to the other. While this may seem overly simple, the truth is, marketing is simple a lot of the time!

As humans we just need to see the right product, at the right time in order to make a decision. If you can show a comparison of how your service works or product works and it appeals to a new consumer audience, you’ll almost certainly increase sales. Break down the hard facts and start comparing!

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